Dog Chew Bones For Dental Health


Dog Chew Bones For Dental Health


Back during the Christmas holidays, I decided to give my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie a nice gift. They had pretty well exhausted their last dog chew bones so it was time to get them some brand new ones.

Both Chester and Roxie are extremely picky about their dog toys. Some they like and some they just don’t care about. The Kongs are a great example of dog toys they never really had an interest for and have abandoned – so much for the company’s claim about the best or favourite dog toys.

Stuffed dog toys are a hit and miss. Even so, they lose interest quite quickly and tend to abandon them too.

The one dog toys they do seem to like time after time are the hard nylon chew bones I get them. This is especially the case for Roxie as I see her play with these dog bones pretty well each day at some point. Chester does use them from time to time but not as often as his sister does.

Nylon Dog Bones Great For Dental Health

As the dog owner here, I certainly don’t mind my dogs’ choice of their toys especially with the nylon dog bones. Not only are these dog bones very long lasting, they are good for their dental health.

While my Lhasa Apsos are working on their dog bones, tartar is being cleaned off their teeth. So in my mind, Chester and Roxie could work on their dog bones as much as they like.

These nylon bones are therefore a great addition to our current dog dental health regimen of nightly brushing teeth with dog toothpaste plus weekly dental gel application with Petzlife.

Here is the latest video I shot just as I was giving them their new dog bones for Christmas. As you can see, they have a lot of interest in new chew bones!

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