DIY Upholstery Repair – How to Upholster


DIY Upholstery Repair – How to Upholster


How to upholster your favorite chair or sofa… without going on an upholstery course. Amazing secrets from a professional upholsterer

You’re about to discover how to upholster any chair or sofa and restore it to pristine condition… without paying hundreds of dollars to greedy professional upholsterers.

Also, you’re going to discover the simple secrets and short-cuts, professional upholsterers use that will save you time and effort when doing your own upholstery.

In addition, you’re also going to discover how you’re going to receive a ton of compliments every time family and friends sit down on a chair or sofa you’ve reupholstered.

Of course, you could throw out your furniture and buy new…but that would be sacrilege. They don’t make furniture like they used to, do they? These modern mass produced sofas…they just haven’t been built to last. And they lack character. They’ve been thrown together. No real craftsmanship in them is there?

And, quite frankly, if you decide to buy new you’ve got the un-budgeted cost of several thousand dollars for a new chair or sofa. And do you want to buy modern furniture when you prefer old traditional furniture? Of course you don’t. Any brand new piece would look out of place in your sitting room or lounge.

There’s no getting away from it, diy upholstery is a great way to reupholster your chair or sofa.

Oh sure you’d have a professional job done by using a full time upholsterer …IF… (And it’s a big IF)…you’ve sourced a good upholsterer. BUT at some cost. They do know how to charge. And you could be in for a shock when you see the invoice.

Just take a look at the upholstery fees I discovered by looking at a few upholstery websites;

To re-upholster…

An Armchair $900……………….A Chair without Arm $750
A 2 Seater Sofa $1400………….A 2½ Seater Sofa $1700
A 3 Seater Sofa $1,950………….A Tub Chair $900

It’s a lot of your hard earned money suddenly gone, isn’t it?

Alternatively you could attend upholstery classes, week after week, to learn the upholstery skills yourself. Of course you’d have to take time out of your busy schedule to go to evening classes. And pay to attend them.

But, What if there was a simpler and easier way? A way which saved you a up to $1,950?

A way that shows you step-by-step how to competently do the upholstery job yourself. Imagine…re-upholstering any piece of furniture to the same standard as a professional upholsterer.

You see, the fact of the matter is…

ANYONE Can Master These DIY Upholstery Secrets

…Once they know a few insider secrets.

DIY Upholstery Instructions Image
So your chairs and sofas have…Firm seating which has been stuffed correctly and is smooth and regular with no dips or lumps. Neat tidy stitching which is straight and pleasing on your eye. A cover which is tight in the right places and pleasing on your eye. And tightly sown buttons which sit snugly in the covering.

In other words a finished re-upholstering job you’re proud to show anyone (even a professional upholsterer).

Resulting in a chair or settee that’s comfortable and your family will enjoy sitting on watching television. Or reading a book or simply spending an evening socializing with friends.

You see it doesn’t matter whether you need to re-upholster a chaise lounge…a circular backed chair, if you need to pad chair arms or backs…spring backed pieces…double stuffing… over stuffing… barrel chairs…whether piping is needed you…pleated buttoning is needed…or tufting is needed…

…Whether you’re working in leather, velvet, cotton or any other material…

…Or…whatever upholstery techniques you need to do…

…You can do-it-yourself. Once you know the real secrets of upholstery.

And, it doesn’t matter how much upholstery experience you’ve got.

You can be a complete beginner and still do a professional looking upholstery job on your chairs and settees when you use these step-by-step insider short-cuts.

Absolute beginners, experienced upholsterers (even professional upholsterers) are using these same how to upholster techniques to do a great upholstery job.

What’s more it doesn’t matter how practical you are. You don’t need to be particularly good with tools to do a great DIY upholstering job.

If you can use a needle and thread and know which end of a hammer to use you’ll be good at DIY upholstering. And be able to re-upholster a chair/settee you’re proud of.

Simply by following these diy upholstery techniques.

Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on special upholstery tools either. Most of the tools you need are already in your garage.

Introducing… DIY Upholstery Instructions

DIY Upholstery Instructions CoverInside DIY Upholstery Repair – How to Upholster you’ll discover:

  • The ONE most important thing you must consider BEFORE starting your diy upholstery. Ignoring this…could…haunt you for years. Hint: It’s not the material or cost.
  • Repairing and polishing. Including the sneaky secret of joining new wood to old wood so it looks original.
  • One type of chair found in a specific room which you need to upholster differently. And NO it’s not your dining or sitting room.
  • The ‘sneaky’ insider secrets behind stuffing pillows and cushions. And the only way you should fill them if you want to end up with perfectly shaped (and plump) instead of round cushions and pillows.
  • The 3 different styles of spring seated chairs and how you should replace the webbing in all three of them. You’ll also discover the key to getting the exact degree of elasticity in your webbing. (Hint; This secret separates the professional from the amateur upholsterer.)
  • The art of springing-up correctly is exposed. And you’re taken by the hand and shown step-by-step how to master springing-up yourself.
  • How to blind stitch pad seats so it looks as if a seamstress did the job…even if you’ve never sown before.
  • The exact process of stitching edges on hard edged furniture. And when and where you need to use a blind stitch.
  • Pillow edge upholstering explained. And how you can get the best results when you need to use this technique.
  • The astonishing insider secrets behind re-upholstering simple pad back chairs and double stuffing shaped settees. These are beyond most novices but these instructions make this task easy for you.
  • The little known… Upholsterers’ slip knot revealed…
  • …And when, and where you need to use it for different types of stitching to do a tidy job every time.
  • Plus there’s much more. In particular…
  1. How to re-button ANY chair or settee…once the mysterious art of buttoning and pleated buttoning is made easy (and simple) for you.
  2. Need to protect your antique furniture? Then here’s step-by-step instructions on how to measure your chairs and make your own slip covers which fit them exactly.
  3. How to over-stuff pad upholstering, barrel and shell-backed chairs to a craftsman’s levels of skill.
  4. How to do tailored piping and buttoning.
  5. Revealed…The simple techniques behind Simple and Pleated buttoning so you become good… quickly.
  6. How to upholster leather settees and chairs.
  7. How to know how many yards of material you’ll need for a particular job and how long the task will take you. Now you’ll know exactly how much material you’ll need for any upholstery job.
  8. The mysterious technique of Tufting revealed. And how to tuft different types of chairs.
  9. 2 different styles and shapes of chaise lounge and a step-by-step guide on how to upholster them both.
  10. Cording, Gimping and Banding explained in detail and how you can master them…within minutes.
  11. And many more upholstery insider secrets, tips and techniques you won’t find anywhere else.

This guide really can transform a raw beginner into a respected seasoned upholsterer almost immediately.

Really becoming a very competent upholsterer has never been so easy. And if right now, you’re about to start an upholstery project then…
…Don’t Start Your DIY Upholstery – Until You’ve Read These How To Upholster Secrets

The Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions – could be the difference getting it right or getting it horribly wrong.

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DIY Upholstery Repair – How to Upholster