DIY Stained Concrete Guide – Avoid Common Mistakes in Staining


diy-stained-floors-headerDIY Stained Concrete Floors in Homes


It isn’t hard, you just need a recipe that can help you through variables during your project.

What are some of the common problems people face when staining a concrete floor?

It doesn’t take Stain.
Sealer beads up (big problem).
Stain Beads up (bigger problem).
Sealer peals off (a huge mess).
Stain is very chalky.
Using the wrong products to fill holes.
Not knowing what to do with the tack strip areas.
Removing black glue incorrectly.
Creating ugly start and stop points.
Using Acid on the Concrete.
Removing yellow glue incorrectly.
Ghosting from past floors.
Wrong sealer selection.
Wrong Stain Selection.
Not using the right tools (rental stores love to mess this one up).
Not checking the two biggest factors before you start (Major Issue).
What to do with those lines (control Joints) that are in the concrete.
Not getting enough product. And how to measure.

Finally, A Step-by-Step Solution straight from a Professional with extensive field knowledge. For less Than A Dime a Sqft on Average Projects.

Introducing… “DIY Stained Concrete Floors in Homes”


What you get….

  • Tool and Product Knowledge
  • Contains detailed information on tools and actual products used to professionally stain concrete. Using the correct products is key, and most DIYers get it wrong, mainly from bad advice.
  • Skill level doesn’t Matter
  • This guide was designed to get the job done quickly, easy, and inexpensively with professional results. Your occupation and success of other DIY projects doesn’t matter.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • No more skipped steps or mysterious. We narrow down what is the best one for your floor. It isn’t a one size fits all project.

You have the chance to do it right without the struggle, wasted time, and expense for just a Few Cents a sqft. Even if you only take away one small tip…it could hundreds in savings and a much nicer outcome.

Who is this product for?

– The DIYer that takes pride in his work and want to make it look great. You only have 1 shot!
– The Time concerned professional or homeowners that wants to shorten the learning curve and get it done.
– The Homeowner that’s wants an area stained but it’s to small to get a contractor to show up.
– The budget minded DIYer. You need to get great looking flooring, but just don’t have the budget.
– The Professional that has only been staining floor for a couple years and had little formal training.
– The Home owner that is getting ready to build a house with a stained floor…So the builder or Subs don’t ruin your shot!


DIY Stained Concrete Floors in Homes