DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch


DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch


The Super Series Su-27 Premium PDF Package


DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch Special Features

  • New – Modular Nose: The modular nosecone takes the hits so your plane doesn’t have to. Yes, everyone is going to be talking about this.
  • New – Gen-5 Fuselage: The new Generation 5 fuselage has a simpler, stronger internal frame. Smart design that’s easy to achieve.
  • New – Centered Electronics: Keep your center of mass on the center of gravity. Stay balanced to perfection with any sized power system.
  • New – Movable Motor Mount: The movable motor mount adjusts to your motor size. Now your plane naturally works with your parts.
  • New – Electronics Hatch: A newly constructed, stronger, hatch that looks like a scale airbrake. Even your hatch is beautiful and intelligent.
  • Leading Edge Slats: The leading edge slat airfoil produces scale lift with far less weight compared to a KF. You’re now free to fly like the real thing.

The Super Series Su-27 Premium PDF Package:

1) Untiled plans PDF: All the little “need-to-knows” are written right on your plans. The last of the guesswork is gone. You’re going to love this.
2) Tiled Plans PDF: Printing from home can be practical and easy after all. The new plans are more thought out, simpler, and user friendly for you.
3) Build Instructions PDF: Detailed, thorough instructions with photographs. Never built one of these before? That’s ok, we got you covered.

Our Philosophy

A standard must be set in order to produce consistent results.

We test everything, track the numbers, and only hold to the proven.

Our Services

We provide free resources on our Forum for scratchbuilders around the world (start here).

We sell our own designs as well provide a platform for others to share their designs.

Standardizing DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch​


Supposed to be fun – not stressful

If you’ve been in the hobby for a while, you’ve probably seen a guy quit after his first crash.

But what we don’t see is that he spent 8 hours the night before just trying to set up the radio.

This is supposed to be a fun part time hobby, not a stressful full time job.

So you see, his crash is not why he’s quitting, it’s that built up feeling of hopelessness.

Endless options – no direction

We have helped thousands of guys get into the hobby since 2004, and it’s always the same challenges.

“What plane, radio, power system do I get? How do I set them up? How do I know it’s done right?”

Getting into RC planes there is no proven path. “Lots of options, get what’s best for you!”

This is the big problem right here: How is the new guy supposed to know “what’s best for him”?

Prioritize the basics

If you got into RC planes back in the 1980s you did not have a million options.

You had some very hard guys at the field who didn’t take BS. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

The old guys knew something that is lost today. You must prioritize the basics first.

Let’s stop trying to skip the basics and instead master them. This is the proven way to success.

Standardizing DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch

Today we are building resources to confidently tell guys exactly how to get their planes flying.

Scratchbuild RC planes absolutely can and should be standardized, and this is what we do.

We show you exactly what to get and how to set it up.

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DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch