DIY Instruction Guide for Building Plantation Shutters


DIY Instruction Guide for Building Plantation Shutters


An Affordable Solution for Expensive Window Shutters.

Build Beautiful Shutters Yourself.

Complete step-by-step instruction guide for making Plantation Shutters.

One instruction manual is all you need to make shutters for your entire home.

Did you know that the material that goes to make shutters is usually less than $40 per unit?

Traditional Beauty and Elegance at an affordable price.

How to Make Shutters

The instructions are simplified and geared towards those with very little woodworking experience and require no expensive or specialized tools or equipment beyond regular home repair tools

Southern Plantation Exotic Charm

There is a certain exotic charm to Southern Plantation Shutters. A remembrance of sunny days spent sipping ice tea while the ceiling fan cools you.

Up till now the only drawback has been the price. To make shutters, usually requires a professional to come to your home, measure each window and send the measurements back to the factory where the shutters are manufactured.

This process can deliver an exceptional shutter. Unfortunately, it also comes with an exceptional price. And sadly, price is usually the reason for homeowners to settle for a “second choice” for window treatments.

Shutters are just about the most beautiful accessory you can add to a home. I have had the privilege of building custom shutters for distinctive homes for over 18 years.

Custom made shutters usually retail between $350-$450 for each piece. If you like the elegance of shutters but feel you can’t afford them, these DIY shutters guides can get you there for a fraction of the price. One instruction guide can help you build shutters for your entire home for under $40 per unit. A tremendous cost savings.

Plantation shutters have a classic design and can transform an average window into a virtual work of art. They never go out of style.

Decorate on a budget, Learn how to make shutters yourself.

Shutters are now an affordable option for window treatments with this DIY Shutters instruction guide.

And, because you are building them yourself you can choose the materials and colors that best suit your home without dealing with pricy upgrades for special material, color or stain often seen when having them made. You may even have most of the materials needed to make these shutters sitting in your garage.

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DIY Instruction Guide for Building Plantation Shutters