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In case you have heard that taking care of discus fish is just for the consultants …. its a myth!

Keeping Discus Fish Wholesome Is Now Not a Change Secret!”

In case you take into consideration it, your Aquarium Provider knows how you can preserve Discus Fish wholesome and has a variety of showcase displays to prove it, so what does he be aware of that you do not?

Did you ever need to purchase and preserve discus fish however were afraid that you simply didn’t know sufficient to maintain them alive in captivity?

Do you truly need these gorgeous, iridescent discus fish swimming for your crystal clear tank at residence?

In case you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this will very smartly be probably the most exciting message you will have read all day. Here is why…

You’re about to find a proven gadget for discus fish care that is concise, accurate and most of all, straightforward to understand.

Here is the item: taking good care of discus fish in a freshwater tank is not just for experts.

Introducing… The Discus Fish Care Instruction manual


It covers all of this, and much more. And while you read it, you can be BLOWN AWAY with how easy it in reality is to handle tropical cichlids.

This is just a taste of what you’ll uncover in Discus Fish Care Guide

  • A whole information to caring for these exotic fish from the Amazon Basin.
  • The 6 surefire methods that you may make certain that your discus fish will really feel right at house in their new tank.
  • When and when to not add more discus fish to an current species tank or group tank.
  • Why it essential to test water temperature often.
  • Which kind of submersible heater is best possible for a freshwater tank and why.
  • find out How to stop “New Tank Syndrome” from claiming new discus fish.
  • Where to seek out the perfect specimens and tips on how to spot healthy discus fish.
  • All about water hardness and how it impacts discus fish.
  • The importance of quarantining and organising a species tank for hardy specimens.
  • A whole chapter devoted to figuring out the necessities of the best freshwater tank.
  • learn How to use an beneath-gravel filter.
  • learn How to care for common ailments.
  • Which form of meals is easiest for discus fish and which of them will harm your precious new pets.
  • The 5 things new aquarists must recognize about the discus fish sooner than shopping for them.
  • An entire chapter dedicated to water high quality and water maintenance.
  • How to reinforce water quality with a easy course of that requires only a few minutes of your time
  • learn How to differentiate between wild Heckel discus and hybrids from another discus species!
  • The importance of figuring out the connection between the nitrogen cycle, ammonia content and the pH stage of tank water.
  • An entire guide to water heaters and thermometers for tanks.
  • Why the unsuitable form of water clarifier and buffers could make water poisonous for discus fish
  • All concerning the requirements of breeding discus.
  • A crash direction on the historical past of discus fish and how the different species got here to be.
  • What to do if if one or more discus fish are sick and find out how to prevent a mass infection from occuring.
  • find out How to choose the right mix of filtration techniques in your new discus tank.
  • How you can stability your fish’s diet.
  • And imagine it or now not there may be even more…

This Instruction manual contains the identical tactics and secrets that skilled aquarists use to breed the perfect strains of discus on the planet.
The Discus Care Guide just isn’t on hand anyplace else on the net and now not available in hardcover thus far but it is to be had in a downloadable eBook that you and have right now!

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Discus Fish Care Instruction manual