Dirty Talk Secrets – Book Review


Dirty Talk Secrets – Book Review


Michael Webb’s newest book to his ever-growing collection is a book called “Dirty Talk Secrets: the ultimate guide to sexy talk”.

But does this ebook really live up to the hype by teaching you how to talk dirty to your partner?

Let’s find out…

Quite frankly, what would you want from a book like this? You’d want some ideas of what to say in bed, plus maybe some confidence-boosting advice.

And that’s what you get.

The ebook starts out by explaining that dirty talk is, in fact, okay. Quoting a few passages from the bible and some fundamental ‘why dirty talk is good’ stuff.

The rest of the book is filled with all sorts of ideas of dirty phrases – ranging from calm to extreme. It also provides you with phone sex advice. Plus the email and text message phrases and ideas are a nice touch too.

However, maybe the most interesting and surprising part of the book is the last section in which a female writer provides her perspective on the topic in a very very interesting way. In this review, I’ll leave this one as a surprise for you. 😀

All in all, if you want to please your partner with the gift of dirty talk, then this is exactly what you need.

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