Digital Photography Basics for Beginners


Digital Photography Basics for Beginners


“Create Crisp, Sharp And Dynamic Photos In Minutes From Now Using Nothing More Than Your Trusty Digital Camera”

Even If You’ve Never Taken A Decent Looking Snap In Your Life, Or Just Got Your Camera Last Week!

Getting your first camera is a great feeling. You have dreams of wonderful snaps that look amazing and inspire awe in everyone who sees them, and you just can’t wait to start taking some awesome photos…

Introducing… Digital Photography Basics For Amateur Snappers Package


These are jargon free, easy-to-follow and read, printable guides that’ll have you taking awesome shots, even if you’re a complete beginner or never really touched a camera before.

Here are a few things you’re going to discover when you go through it (this list is by no means comprehensive. Just a little something to let you see what we’re talking about here.)

  • The two simple tricks to set up a perfect shot and make sure that my subject is properly framed. (Page 12)
  • The secret of selective focus. How to make sure that everything you want in focus in your picture is nice and crisp. (Page 25)
  • Why 95% of all of your snaps are probably exposed terribly and how to fix that. (Page 26)
  • How to do small adjustments to your pictures right on your camera (no photo editing software needed for this technique.) (Page 32)
  • What never to do with your ISO settings unless you want to totally ruin your snaps (yes, you’re guilty of this.) (Page 48)
  • The one way to set your lighting up so that it works for you and not against you. Hint: Open Shade. (Page 82)
  • WARNING: Almost everyone you learned to take pictures from does this one thing wrong. Discover what it is, and how to avoid this mistake. (Page 88)
  • The sneaky little elimination secret that will let you take awesome shots that tell stories, just like the ones featured in National Geographic and other renown publications. (Page 93)
  • The quickest, easiest way to use POV (Point Of View) to set the mood for your snaps. This one tip alone will turn your old, boring shots into vibrant pieces of art. (Page 116)
  • The single, most important strategy you have to implement if you take closeups. (Page 119)
  • And much, much more…



Remember this isn’t your usual fluff filled eBook. The AmSnaps package is a complete step by step, printable, easy to understand training course for beginner photographers that guarantees you crisp, sharp and dynamic photos starting in minutes from now using nothing more than your trusty compact digital camera.

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Digital Photography Basics for Beginners