Detox Your Lungs in Weeks – Not Years!


Detox Your Lungs in Weeks – Not Years!


Do you need to detox your lungs because you have abused them with years upon years of smoking cigarettes? If so, be warned, without consistent and thorough action your body can take years to fight through the tar and poisons you have inhaled. You need to approach this systematically and with a set program in mind or you could be developing lung disease in the near future rather than enjoying clear, healthy lung-fulls of life giving oxygen.

Fortunately, you can do a lung detox that will reduce this ‘cleanup’ time from years to a sleepy few weeks or months depending on how badly affected they are from your smoking days. There are three main aspects of detoxification that you need to know about to really make the most of your health kick, and to stop you becoming a statistic.

Smoking Cessation

Trying to cleanse them while you are still smoking is like emptying a sinking boat with a bucket. In the end, the tide will win because you are not fixing the root problem of the gaping hole in the boat … your smoking.

This is essential. You have to end your smoking habit or all your future efforts will be in vain. Quitting and doing a detox at the same time can be very helpful to many though as the motivation of feeling your lungs clearing can help you resist the urge to smoke again.

Tar Removal

The problem with getting the dangerous chemicals out of them is that they are trapped inside due to a layer of tar and mucus that inhibits your immune system. The processes that expel dangerous toxins are blocked by this barrier, which can take years to slowly break down. All this time the toxins are getting into its tissue and your bloodstream, to wreak havoc and cause disease including cancer.

As such, you need to start getting rid of the tar in large amounts to free them up from this irritating, airway-blocking menace.


Once you have thinned out this tar somewhat you can start to really job; removing the toxins through a detoxification program. This involves boosting your immune system and directly targeting your lungs with some dietary changes and other lifestyle modifications that can supercharge the detox process to free them of the poisons that assault them.

To find out exactly how to do each phase of this complete program, CLICK below to discover how hundreds of other smokers have become ex-smokers with clean healthy lungs once more.