Design FREE Websites With No Cost Marketing Tools & Resources




Design FREE Websites With No Cost Marketing Tools & Resources


If you’re looking for high-quality website design, marketing tools and resources and you want to know how to find “free stuff” to build them then you’re in for a welcome surprise!

So You Can Build A 100% Free Website…

Without… having any experience building a site whatsoever
Without… any special computer skills or abilities
Without… knowing anything
Without… investing any money
Without… wasting all your time getting started

You have wanted to build your own site but found doing it was too expensive…

… there is another way!

You may be wondering…

Is it as good as “paid” alternatives?

In some cases, yes. You don’t have to spend hundreds to purchase Adobe Photoshop as there are several free and very easy to use alternative graphic design programs that will do the job for you.

Most people who use Adobe Photoshop software only ever use 1 to 5% of what the software can do and the cost of this high end software is almost $1,000! So be smart and skip that high expense and use a “no cost alternative”.

You may have read or heard online that most Internet marketers don’t advise you to use these.

Why is that? Well, because then they can’t earn any money selling you expensive software or expensive templates (and doing it by sending you their affiliate links).

Introducing… “Design FREE Websites With No Cost Marketing Tools and Resources” eBook


The Design FREE Websites With No Cost Marketing Tools & Resources was custom designed and written just for you. You don’t really need any money to get started. Because what you’ll learn when you read it will show you exactly what to do to create your own site, your products — all without having to spend any money on tools, services, software or subscriptions!

Whether you are looking to

– write/publish an ebook
– build a site/blog
– set up a membership site
– or perhaps create audio products or videos to sell!

You can build your own profitable site with these incredible gratis marketing tools and resources to build a business from home — and sell products and services if you want to.

In Design FREE Websites With No Cost Marketing Tools & Resources, you’ll discover answers to questions like these:

  • What Skills You Need To Succeed? Critical things you need to know about running an online business and how it differs from a brick and mortar business.
  • What Is Your Niche? Finding A Purpose For Your Website and all about Niche Marketing: How to figure out how to find a niche you can enjoy building your online business around, includes discussion of long-tail keywords, emerging trends, SEO and the popularity of niches.
  • Free Writing Tools: The best free writing tools, and how to create a PDF free for online delivery of your eBook.
  • Your Website: Free Website Design Tools, HTML, Themes and Templates: Things you want to know about building your website to get it right the first time.
  • Domains, Hosting and Email Accounts: Free Domains, Free Hosting, Free Email Accounts and Internet Access, Subdomains and my suggestions with dos and don’ts.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO Training, duplicate content penalty, plagiarism, copyright violations, SEO Tools, Webmaster Tools, and more!
  • Legal Content: Public Domain Issues, Free Content and Rights of Use, Copyright Infringement, Personal Use and Commercial Use Rights
  • Content is King: Creating Content without writing anything using Guest Blogging, Article Sites, RSS News Feeds, Private Label Rights, Free
  • Written Content Sources, Google Maps, Images, Videos, Audio, SEO is free and other free content tools.
  • Graphic Design Tools: How To Use Free Graphic Design Tools, Colours, Banner and Logo Creation, Favicons, eBook Cover Creation, Slide Creation, Reverse Image Search, and Infographics.
  • Images: The dangers of stealing online images, how stolen photos are found, obtaining permission to use images, Free Icons and Buttons, Totally Free Image Sites, Image Search Sites, Pay Image Sites for Photos, and other Good Stock Photo Websites.
  • Free Clipart and Vectors: Free Clipart and Free Vector Art Websites
  • Free Backgrounds and Wallpapers: Websites for free backgrounds and wallpapers.
  • Audio and Video: Software for Audio and Video for free, Free Screen Capture Software, How To Make a Free Video, Free and Low-Cost Videos for Re-Use.
  • Marketing Support Tools and Varia Tools: Auto Responders, Bulk Mailers, File Storage, File Backups and Transfers, Chat Software for Customer Support, Trouble Ticket Management, Raffle Management, Competitive Analysis Tools and Free Varia Tools.
  • Setting Up An Online Store and Taking Payments: How To Properly Set Up A Secure Ecommerce Website and Take Payments for Products and Services.
  • Things To Do Before Sending Traffic: What I Personally Use and Highly Recommend To Use To Test My Website Before I Send Traffic To It and How to Avoid Being Banned By Google.
  • Safety: What I Personally Use and Highly Recommend To Use To Keep My Website and Products Secure.
  • Dos and Don’ts To Maximize Profitability and to Ensure Your free website is a huge Success!
  • Plus a whole lot MORE!

Whether you are looking to write/publish an ebook, build a site/blog, set up a membership site or perhaps create audio products or videos to sell!

This is important to remember before you buy this…

Whether you just want to see if creating an online business is for you or not then this eBook is a great place to get started and by using all free website design and marketing tools and resources you won’t be out of pocket and spending money on this before you know for sure if you want to do this or not.

This eBook is exactly what you need.

This is jam packed with tools and resources.

Once you know how to properly create sites for little to no cost then you can save money and not spend it on expensive web designers! Saving all this extra money will more likely ensure your success with the new sites you build.

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Design FREE Websites With No Cost Marketing Tools & Resources