Deposition Testimony 5 Simple Rules System Lawyers Course


deposition-testimony-headerDeposition Testimony 5 Simple Rules System Lawyers Course


Deposition Testimony 5 Simple Rules System Lawyers Course trains your witnesses to be rock-solid, prepared and confident.

Now there is a system that has been developed. A system that trains your deponent to be the perfect witness every time.

“It is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times.” – Russian proverb

Many of the nation’s leading firms and companies are already using this to ensure their clients shine in depositions. What’s more, in response to customer demand, we now offer a yearly ‘all you can eat’ option that’s very cost effective for high volume customers.

Deposition Testimony 5 Simple Rules System Lawyers Course also leveraged leading-edge technology to create a new system. Easy to use. Instant results. A method you can activate right away, allowing your clients to view it anytime, anywhere, online, as often as they wish!

The Internet has revolutionized our lives and businesses. From social media to the latest software apps, we use technology to put the
world at our fingertips. Instead of sending messengers to the courthouse, we file papers electronically.

Instead of filling rooms with files and documents, we use case-management software and databases to access key documents in seconds. Your clients already are accustomed to watching video online on sites like YouTube and Hulu. Why not a deposition prep method, too? This program is the next step in bringing your law practice into the 21st century.

And most importantly, your clients will walk into their depositions feeling confident and in control.


Deposition Testimony 5 Simple Rules System Lawyers Course allows small firms to compete with the biggest firms in the country. Technology levels the playing field.

Consider how many of the world’s top athletes and coaches have used the power of video to drastically improve performance. For decades, they’ve known that video gives them knowledge of exactly what to expect and the confidence to face it. It works for them. Why not make it work for you?
This program gives your witnesses something to emulate. That’s the key.

They will thank you for it when they ace their depositions.

There are no advanced steps to follow. It’s all done for you. Just forward the link and password to your clients and they are all set. Easy! It’s effortless, efficient, and highly effective.

Don’t miss another opportunity to make a client for life.

Maximize your time, effectiveness and productivity.

Of course you’re highly experienced at preparing your witnesses. This system works with you to make your preparation even more effective. Wouldn’t you rather have a tested, proven method to empower your clients?

The less time you spend on the rote advice you’ve given a million times, the more time you can spend on the critical documents and issues in your case.

Wouldn’t that be serving your clients better?

You’re probably wondering, “What does it look like?” Here’s a six-minute preview that highlights the basic rules in action. Right off the bat, your clients will see a “worst case scenario” of exactly how their deposition testimony can come back to haunt them at trial in front of a judge or jury, and their boss. Along the way, we show one witness doing it the “wrong way”– speculating, volunteering, and falling into common traps.

Then we contrast that with a witness doing it the “right” way, resulting in a rock-solid deposition. The narrator guides the viewer through the exact points to keep in mind, along with the “how’s and why’s” they need for the information to resonate. Finally, we distill everything down to a few key rules that any witness can easily recall and retain, especially under the stress of a deposition.

There is no greater reward for a lawyer than a satisfied client.

Your client is nervous. It’s a big case. High stakes.

You send her this program.

In seconds, she knows what to expect. This method eliminates the mystery and intimidating nature of depositions and replaces them with knowledge, a frame of reference, something to emulate and, consequently, confidence.

Even if she has been deposed a hundred times, it is a tool that will improve her performance and leave the other side scratching their heads.

And it will make your life easier, too.

Forget about “talking down” to your client, insulting her intelligence, or repeating the same basic advice you’ve already given a million times. Instead, let this method handle the preliminaries, allowing you to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST – the critical details.

Now fast forward. The deposition is over. Your client is happy. You’re happy. And best of all, she’s going to tell all her colleagues and business associates that you’re the one to call.

Guiding clients through the high-stakes minefield of depositions is the best business development tool you can possible have. Why tackle it alone? Leverage cutting-edge technology specifically created to solve this problem.

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Deposition Testimony 5 Simple Rules System Lawyers Course