Decoding the Abundance Mindset – Activate the Laws of Attraction


Decoding the Abundance Mindset – Activate the Laws of Attraction


Why Is It Some People Have It All While Others Continuously Struggle?


What are the driving forces that inspire people who excel in every field? What makes them different, gives them that edge? What are the secrets to their success?

Do you wonder why you see success all around you, but aren’t experiencing it first-hand? It’s because you may be unwittingly blocking your successes and sabotaging yourself with doubts, uncertainties, and limiting beliefs on a subconscious level.

To create and attract what you want, your mind must first be convinced of your ability to succeed in all levels of awareness — both consciously and subconsciously.

It Is Your Time to Experience Enormous Success Breakthroughs!


This online, multi-media course is designed to help you:

Remove the invisible barriers to your success.
Unlock hidden creativity.
Discover the laws of a successful life.
Break cycles of repeating patterns that don’t get you what you want.
Manifest and create all you do want!

With this new program you can set your success forces into full effect starting immediately. You’ll master new tools you can use for the rest of your life and learn skills you can practice and apply today.

You Will Learn How To:

Apply the 6 overlooked laws of success
Discover and eliminate 7 core blocks to success
Eliminate limiting beliefs causing patterns to repeat in your life
Stop self-sabotage
Use 7 vital steps to effective visualizations—the secret shortcut to success
Unlock the winning mind-set traits essential to success
Reveal the hidden key to creating abundance with 20 questions & answers
Explore and dissolve limitations haunting you from your childhood
Reverse the effects of the strongest self-defeating program
Master 4 powerful visualization sessions to change negatives in your life to positives

You will be guided through the strongest visualization techniques to integrate a prosperity and success consciousness. Special visualization processes generate the core power of this course. You will be directed to find your subconscious blocks and remove them. Then, using the most powerful keys to effective visualization, you precisely engage your subconscious mind to automatically begin attracting money, success, health, and enriched relationships. Not to mention enhancing your social and spiritual life!

It’s time to become the designer of your own life! No matter where you are today you can surpass anything you have dreamed possible. It’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind, engage the laws of attraction, and create the life you have dreamed about!

Inside the Private Member Area You’ll Find:

Videos – Each chapter includes a video discussion by Jonathan pointing out chapter highlights, reinforcing subtle details, and encouraging you to stay focused.

Downloads – Download the entire spoken course in MP3 or iTunes Audiobook format. Download the course chapters and workbook in PDF and Word format.

Workbook – An accompanying 56 page workbook will help you become crystal clear on your blocks and help you redefine new beliefs and goals!

Q&A – Each chapter also includes an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from Jonathan himself.

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Decoding the Abundance Mindset – Activate the Laws of Attraction