Death of the Family – Society Breakdown


Death of the Family – Society Breakdown


Introducing… Death of the Family – Society Breakdown



In Death of the Family – Society Breakdown, you’ll Discover…

  • Why those who were trusted to serve and protect we, the people began a twenty year stealth war to weaken and eventually break the backbone of our society, the family unit.
  • Why Judeo-Christian values, once considered to be wholesome, were replaced by values and morals our forefathers knew to be destructive and toxic to both individual and society
  • Why men are being undermined at every level of our society by a variety of organizations and charities who are running what amounts to a legal organized crime racket
  • Why, despite all the advances made in America since WWII, young men and women are more unhappy, violent and remaining adolescents well into adulthood
  • Why America has low marriage rates, high divorce rates, feminized men and promiscuous teens. None of it is happening by chance, it’s all being deliberately engineered. If this continues it will spell the end of America as we know it. We, the people, have been ruthlessly betrayed.
  • In 1935, a genius fled Nazi tyranny for the USA and went on to serve in the OSS. Despite accepting the sanctuary of the USA, he became the most dangerous and influential anti-American, anti-West subvert ever. Discover how his pernicious theories continue to break down society to this day.
  • The “Big Lie” about the sexual revolution and the swinging sixties. See how a world-renowned expert’s “scientific research” fooled America and perverted the entire Western world.
  • Discover how a devastating social experiment conducted by the USSR during the 1920s is being implemented in Western nations today with the same catastrophic effects.
  • The critical major difference between pre-WWII America and post-WWII America and why this dramatic change is tearing families apart and causing malignant social decay
  • Is this the end of Western civilization as we know it? How this attack on the family is now evolving and moving to the next toxic stage.

In this dynamic book, Christopher reveals the incremental steps in the progressive attack to break down the family unit. This is a must-read book for people who are wondering what’s gone wrong with our society.

Written in an easy to read and understand style, the book goes into meticulous detail on the roots of a far reaching plan to undermine one of the underpinnings of Western civilization, the family.

About The Author

Christopher J. Green is an author and investigative journalist who has never been afraid to tell the story as it is. In his latest book: Death of the Family – Society Breakdown, he exposes how Americans were tricked by charlatans who claimed they were building a more enlightened, progressive-society but whose concealed aim was to breakdown America from within.

After three years of research, he uncovers a series of appalling deceptions conducted by people whose duty was to serve and protect. People who ruthlessly undermined the trust of American citizens and stabbed them in the back.

He brings a fresh insight into post-war history in a step-by-step, compelling analysis revealing why America is drifting further away from the principles laid down by the founding fathers.

A story of deception. A story of betrayal. A story of treachery on a scale unprecedented in history. If you believe something is wrong with America and you’re looking for answers then you need to read this extraordinary book.

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