Daycare Manager Pro Software


Daycare Manager Pro Software


Discover how YOU can profit wildly AND take All the Fuss and Time out of Managing YOUR Daycare Business with this EXPLOSIVE Administrative Software!

Introducing… Daycare Manager Pro


If you would like to keep accurate and up to date records on all of your clients, manage the expenses and financial details of your business with ease and efficiency and run a daycare center that is a step above the rest, then this might be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

This package not only manages your client billing and your every day finances, but it also manages to build a highly detailed and easy to use database of crucial client profiles! All of this detail and all at your fingertips! You will never be better organized!

It is one of the most highly respected organizational software packages on the internet because it offers you more features and functions than other daycare management software does, and it does it better!

Save time and energy by having all the essential details about your clients at your fingertips in our highly detailed database – and it’s so easy to use! You don’t have to be a computer expert!

Build your database from 20 clients to 200, and spend barely any extra time finding files, attendance records and billing notes!

Never leave it to chance again. All of the crucial information is safely stored and is accessible… at the touch of a button!

Deliver a highly personalized and professional service to your clients. Take advantage of the highly detailed profiles that you can build for each child. Have all the personal details you need at your fingertips and sustain that competitive edge over your competition!

Manage your business billing and reporting with ease. You can know the status of an account or be able to generate a report in a matter of minutes!

Keep up with your billing and invoicing using the billing features and invoice your clients accurately and promptly! Manage your cash flows efficiently!

Banish the stress of learning by taking advantage of the comprehensive and easy to follow help menu, and learn the skills in the minimum of time!

Manage an unlimited number of clients. No matter what the size of your business, this package will work wonders for you!

Protect the health of all your clients by maintaining crucial doctor’s records and immunization records. Use this vital feature to eliminate the risk of mistakes and misunderstandings when it comes to the safety of the children in your care.

Create stationary for class use to help with the collection of attendance and drop off and releasee data – which can all be stored and managed easily using Daycare Manager Pro of course!

The average daycare center owner doesn’t have the time (or the cash) to deal with problems like these. And you don’t want the SAME daycare management solution that every other business owner and their dog is having trouble with!

Manage ALL of Your Daycare Center Children, Parents, and Business Operations from ONE User-friendly Software Package

+ Run and manage all the vital functions of your daycare center from ONE central location!
+ Use professionally designed templates and forms to produce professionally customized reports and invoices!
+ Manage your client profiles, your class attendance records, your invoicing and the accounting of your daycare expenses all at once with this dynamic one-stop program!
+ Personalize and customize each of your clients’ records and billing procedures so that you can deliver tailor made solutions to meet the individual needs of each client!

Save valuable time and effort by being able to add class notes and progress reports to a client’s file for safe and accurate administrative feedback.

…This is your truly ULTIMATE daycare management tool, from where you can manage the individual needs of each and every client from one simple easy location!

You can instantly access a client’s file and account details in a matter of seconds. You can identify exactly what is owing on a client’s account, and identify when the client was invoiced, and when the payment was received. This really helps for the accurate and up-to-date book-keeping that is crucial to running a small business.


Daycare Manager Pro Software