Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control


Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control


You’re about to get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE training audios that explain Dark Side Hypnosis and Mind Control in BRUTAL detail.

It’s truly insane… and as well as that, this is the first time in history anything like this has ever been available.

And for good reason, it has been proven to be the most effective and the most powerful collection of hypnosis-and-mind-control techniques to be invented.

Introducing… Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control

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You’re Getting Your Hands On Over 8 Hours Of Insanely Powerful Techniques

  • Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control REVEALED (27 minutes). If you want to know exactly how these advanced tactics are work and exactly what it is then this is the section for you.
  • The Godfather Method (46 minutes). In this audio we go into intense detail about the EXTREMELY RARE and COVETED Godfather Method that let’s you become someone of value who people naturally want to be controlled by.
  • The Authority Hijack (50 minutes). Ever wonder how to enter any social situation or any group of people and instantly command attention, and all without setting off alarm bells? In this section we’ll go over Covert tactics that will let you fly in under the radar and control any social dynamic!
  • The Powerful EMPIRE MAN Technique (55 minutes). In this section you’ll discover the secret “EMPIRE MAN” technique to give you more ROCK SOLID, unshakeable core confidence then you ever thought possible. Your life will be literally transformed by this one powerful, belief altering technique alone.
  • The Dangerously Effective Dark-Shadow Technique (37 minutes). You’ll discover this advanced tactic that will give you a window into anyone’s soul so you can reflect it back to them and demonstrate a powerful understanding of their reality and pull them into your world which will let you persuade anyone to do almost anything!
  • The Hidden Persuaders (1 hour, 19 minutes). This section teaches you the skills for covert, conversational-hypnosis so that you can bend someone’s mind around to your way of thinking by just having normal conversation.
  • The Forbidden OCTOBER MAN Sequence (40 minutes). Saying these magic words will instantly get anyone so attracted to you they’ll want to tear your clothes off and take you home right away. This one amazing technique will let you create a powerful “love at first sight” connection with anyone you meet instantly.
  • The Lie Detector (1 hour, 10 minutes). This section reveals the secrets to detecting deceit so you will never be lied to again so that you can protect yourself from anyone trying to manipulate you.

This course will take you step by step into exactly what you need to do and you’ll get word scripts that you can use RIGHT NOW.

When you get the “Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control Course” you will finally be able to get your hands on the same covert-hypnosis techniques that have been used in secret for years…

Here’s Just A Taste Of What You’ll Discover In the Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control Course:

  • How to get free meals and free drinks in expensive bars and restaurants… by influencing staff into thinking you have celebrity status.
  • You’ll discover the weird (but devastatingly powerful) “Authority Hijack Method” for literally stealing someone’s position as the top dog in the office, your social circle or anywhere else you choose!
  • The #1 reason why people aren’t attracted to you and how you can change that in as little as a few hours.
  • How to covertly-hypnotize your husband, wife or children – this one technique alone will change your life!
  • A secret way to use mind-control on hundreds — even thousands — of people at the same time without them having a clue what you’re doing.
  • The fastest known way to quickly “position” yourself as a person who is in control-and-attract people to you — even if you’re a beginner and know nothing about-hypnosis right now.
  • A brand new breakthrough (recently discovered by the Dark-Side Inner Circle) that makes even total “novices” irresistibly attractive to anyone you meet. (This incredible little secret is how some average looking people are able to attract even beautiful models. Here’s how they do it.)
  • A “can’t miss” way to instantly gain the respect and admiration of every single person in your workplace — even if you haven’t hypnotized anyone yet!
  • How to use an ordinary piece of lint to even make successful people, celebrities or anyone famous try to get your approval. This technique is easy, requires no effort whatsoever, and you will be astonished by how well it works on people used to being “in-control” of conversations.)
  • What to do with your eyes to command respect from almost everyone you talk to. (You can actually see this secret “in action” in most James Bond 007 movies.)
  • How to use “covert-commands” and put anyone into a trance instantly just by talking to them.
  • The secret to walking into any bar, restaurant or club and instantly having all eyes on you by using the notion of social proof.
  • The secret technique that’s often used by cult leaders and other persuasion masters — that lets you instantly tap into the “mental triggers” of everyone you talk to.
  • Four words that will destroy your chances of hypnotizing anyone.
  • Nine words that let you instantly-control ANY person you want. (These nine words are like magic. Use them on anyone to instantly get them eating out of the palm of your hands.)
  • How to protect yourself from anyone trying to attack you using mind control – and actually have them apologizing and pleading with you… instantly (This secret works even if your normally a shy and timid kind of person!)

Plus a lot more…

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Dark Side Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control