Cure Hemorrhoids – When Constipation Is Not The Cause


Cure Hemorrhoids – When Constipation Is Not The Cause

by Janet Pfeiffer
Best-Selling Author of Hemorrhoids Saviour


Hemorrhoids are not synonymous with constipation, though they can be a contributing factor. You may be surprised to know that diarrhea and the over-use of laxatives are also a major cause of hemorrhoids.

It seems every time I read an article about this ailment, the main advice being offered (besides surgery, which in my opinion is a last resort) is to increase your intake of fruit, fibre and water.

Of course, this is generally good advice for all aspects of health. But, in relation to this disease, it implies that the cause is constipation. While it’s true that constipation is a contributing factor in many cases of this disorder, there are many other causes which seem to be widely unknown (at least by the authors of many articles).

You might be surprised to know that excessive diarrhea or over-use of laxatives is also a common culprit – eating more fruit and fibre is not going to help in this situation. In fact, this is one of the reasons for my caution and concern in recommending laxative products.

Many books and articles on the subject suggest taking herbal laxatives such as senna. Apart from senna having other possible side-effects, it can actually worsen the ailment. Senna (and some other laxatives) can be addictive – meaning it is difficult to have a bowel movement without them. Your body becomes dependent on them, and the more your take, the less effective they can become. And the more you take, the more at risk you become of developing diarrhea.

The constant pressure and irritation of diarrhea can cause venous weakening. Weak veins produce this disorder. Even when the diarrhea is cured, the ailment can persist, because the veins need help to strengthen.

Compromised venous strength also has many other causes, such as pregnancy. It’s also the cause of varicose veins in the legs.

The good news is that natural supplements have been proven extremely effective in strengthening the veins, and in many clinical studies they have proven much more effective than placebos and other drug treatments. They have been shown to significantly reduce pain, swelling and bleeding. If I had this ailment, I would be trying these treatments before anything else – especially surgery.

And if constipation is a major cause of your hemorrhoids, while water and fibre intake can help, there are much better alternatives than fruit.

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