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You can read website after website and browse dozens of forums about crestie geckos and you still will have no idea about the best to care for them… because most of the people that are posting on such websites or forums are just as inexperienced and ill informed!


Why waste your time trying to learn something from newbies when you can pick the brain of an experienced crested gecko owner and breeder… someone who actually makes a living doing just that?

Why worry if you are doing everything right… when you can know all of the proper techniques to provide optimal care for your crested gecko?

Introducing… “Crested Gecko Secret Manual”


Pet store owners and professional breeders do not want you to read this secret manual. The reason for that is once you read…

You will NEVER pay full price to ensure your crested gecko is getting all of the fruit supplements that it needs
You will NEVER have to worry about expensive, hard to clean substrates
You will NEVER have to worry about paying too much for your crested gecko
You will NEVER have to pay the cost of expensive equipment to successfully breed crested geckos

Crested Gecko Care Guide – You Will Not Find Another Collection of Tips Like This One…Unless You Are Personally Acquainted With A Crested Gecko Expert!

None of the techniques, tips and tricks featured in the book are based on theories. The strategies that in this book are based on several years of experience as a crested gecko owner and breeder.

Would you rather have a convenient book to show you exactly what you need to do in every situation you encounter as a pet owner…or would you prefer living each day worrying that you are not doing the right thing for your pet?

This manual is written especially for the crested gecko owner at home, which means it is completely practical and does not require any sophisticated equipment or additional knowledge.

How Much Is This Crested Gecko Care Guide All Worth To You?

Think about this for a moment – The average lifespan of a healthy crested gecko is presumed to be about 20 years or more. If you already own one or you are thinking about owning one…you will need to plan on spending at least the next 20 years of your life caring for your pet.

During that time, you need to provide your crestie with comfort and do your best to become a responsible pet owner. However, we all know that becoming an excellent owner does not come easy…nor is it cheap. Just purchasing the necessary supplies and setting up the enclosure alone can cost several hundred dollars.

Think about the amount of money that you are going to spend on…

The enclosure for your pet
Supplies such as hiding places, thermometers and hygrometers
Incubators if you plan to breed them
Food for your pet (Remember live insects can be quite pricy)
And all the other things you need to keep your pet happy, healthy and as comfortable as possible…

It goes without saying, taking care of them is not cheap. However, if you use these methods, you will be able to save lots of money on enclosures, supplies and food by learning the tricks expert breeders use.

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Crested Gecko Care Guide