Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments eCourse


Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments eCourse


Has the Real Estate Collapse Damaged Your Nest Egg?

Are You Looking for a Safe Place to Invest Your Money and Earn Income Today While Still Building a Growing “Cash Out” Option?

Then Discover How To Build Your Financial Fortress in Apartment Investing Today.

Warning: Do NOT Rely On the Government, Pension Plans, or Even 401k’s to Support You In Today’s Economy

  • Social Security is Already Going Broke and More than 50 Million Baby Boomers Have Yet To Retire
  • Most Private and Even Many State Pension Plans Are Dramatically Under-Funded
  • The Average 401k Generated Almost NO GROWTH During the Entire 2000-2009 Decade

Apartment investments have consistently outperformed almost all other real estate products, including: Single family homes; office buildings; shopping centers; vacation homes; and most land buys—for the past 10 YEARSIn fact, with most real estate markets not expected to fully recover from the current crisis for years—they will continue to outperform more traditional real estate investments for the foreseeable futureNone of these other investment options even come close to providing the same level of reliable returns on investment, opportunities for growth, or protected cash flow as apartment investing

So what drives the demand for apartments today and into the foreseeable future?

First and foremost: Statistics.It’s a well-documented fact the echo-boomers (those aged 18-34 and essentially the children of the baby-boomers) account for nearly one-third of the US population. What that means is that America is just now experiencing the first ripple of this huge wave. Studies have forecasted that echo boomers will dramatically expand the need for housing units in the coming decade.So what does this have to with apartment investing?

EVERYTHING—especially since the Great Recession has flattened wages, tightened credit, and made it harder than ever for this HUGE group of Echo-Boomers to buy a house.

At least for the next 5-10 years, the Echo boomers will primarily be renters creating a huge surge in demand for new apartments.

Another driving factor in the surge for apartment demand is the record number of foreclosures in the past two years. The vast majority of former homeowners who lose their homes due to foreclosure will re-enter the apartment market—that’s millions of potential new renters Today, Tomorrow, and for the Foreseeable Future.

By 2020, more than 10 million ADDITIONAL Echo boomers will be renting apartments—so there will be no let up in demand for the next decade.

Without question, rising demand is one of the biggest advantages of apartment investing in 2010 and beyond…

Apartment Investing is the Obvious Investment Choice Due To Several Distinct Advantages, Including:

Historically Stable Demand: No other investment can stand up to the consistent and reliable demand for apartments—period. Plus, with millions of Echo boomers facing tight credit restrictions, flat wages and millions more losing their homes to foreclosure—the demand for apartments is projected to rise dramatically for the next decade.Cash flow is king…that’s why it’s Peter’s passion and should be yours tooUpgrade to Economy of Scale: Would you rather have 10 homes to manage or a 10-unit apartment building?

Demand Increases During Tough Economic Times: Unlike new and existing home sales that tend to plunge in tough times, demand for apartments actually increases because fewer people have good credit or large sums of cash for down payments on homes. But in good and bad times—people still need a place to live making apartments one of the most “recession-proof” investments you can find.

Generates Cash-Flow AND Builds Long Term Net Worth: Apartments are one of the few investments around that both generate ongoing income PLUS build long term net worth! Plus, they are one of the few investments where you don’t have to “show up” every day to earn money each month (I kept my day job when I first started, and I recommend you do the same).

Don’t Sit Around Waiting Until Real Estate Prices Begin Climbing Again…Get the Tools, Strategies, and Expert Advice From the World’s Leading Apartment Investing Expert You Need To Jump Into Apartment Investing and Start Building Your Very Own Financial Fortress

Peter Harris, co-author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies, and Trump University co-Instructor of Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success, has created an incredibly in-depth and complete home study course that teaches you exactly, step-by-step, how to successfully invest in apartments and generate maximum income and return on your money!

Introducing… Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments eCourse


Creating a Financial Fortress Includes Peter’s Most Powerful and Effective Investment Strategies for Successful Apartment Investing Even When Funds Are Limited, Your Credit Rating is In the Dumps, and You Don’t Know the First Thing About Apartments

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • 3 Golden Rules of Apartment Investing “Number-Crunching”: Learn Peter’s personal rules for quickly and smartly evaluating apartments for investment potential
  • Peter’s Personal “Creative Financing Strategies”: These are Peter’s proven strategies for investing in apartments when you have little cash, poor credit rating, or want to leverage the cash you do have for maximum earnings potential.
  • Raising Private Money from Investors: Once you have used the 3 Golden Rules to find an attractive investment opportunity, this section will help you raise money from private investors and structure the deals professionally. Forms included!
  • Choosing the Perfect City to Invest In: The criteria for selecting cities for apartment investing are the not the same as for residential or commercial real estate—but you’ll have no trouble finding the most profitable areas after this training module!
  • Understanding When to Buy and When to Sell: Timing is always important in real estate investing and Peter provides you with a simple yet effective guide for determining the best time to buy and sell your apartment properties.
  • Landing the “Cash Cow” Properties: In this training module, Peter shares how to spot, finance, and land the biggest “cash cow” properties that will bring in loads of income while still generating long term net worth.
  • The Secrets To Getting Credits or Cash Back at Closing
  • Learn “The Word” That Will Open a New World of Financing Options for You
  • Lender Approval Secrets: In this module, Peter will teach you how to first look at deals from the eyes of your lender and then use that knowledge to get them to say “Yes” for your financing requests
  • Includes 19 Audio Training Modules in All Plus 2 Information-Packed Workbooks

19 Professional Audio Courses Personally Recorded By Peter

Each training module focuses on a specific but critical component of successful apartment investing. This is NOT some watered-down “teaser” course designed to get you to buy something else later—EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCESSFULLY INVEST IN APARTMENTS IS INCLUDED. Each audio course is downloadable to your computer and to your Ipod or MP3 player. Just click on “play” and listen in. That’s it. No CDs, DVDs, or heavy workbooks to mess with. And no waiting for mail packages.

95-Page Workbook:

The Creating a Financial Fortress program includes a 95-page downloadable workbook that you can follow along with each chapter’s because studies consistently prove that many people learn better and faster when they have written materials to study along with.

150-Page Treasure Trove of Contracts, Legal Forms, and Checklists:

This “file cabinet” or treasure trove of Peter’s favorite and most commonly used apartment investment contracts, forms, and due diligence checklists are all included—so you TRULY have everything you need to start investing immediately.

90 Days of FREE email Support:

YES—you will have a direct line to Peter himself for a FULL 90 DAYS—this is just like Peter coaching you one-on-one! You can typically expect responses within 1 business day.

You’ll Also Learn:

  • Peter’s Personal Negotiating Strategies
  • 7 Critical Due Diligence Tips That Will Save You Thousands
  • Critical Tips for Hiring and Managing Property Managers
  • Learn the Biggest Reason Why Apartment Investments Fail and What You Can Do to Avoid the Same Fate
  • How to Leverage the Master Lease Option and Close on An Apartment In As Little As 7 Days With Almost No Cash
  • Learn to Make Offers That Get Accepted
  • Discover Peter’s Personal 90-Day Action Plan That Helps You Buy Your First Apartment in 3 Months or Less—From Start to Finish
  • How To Protect Yourself Against Lawsuits
  • And Much, Much More

And Not Only Do You Get this 100% Complete Apartment Investing System from One of the World’s Leading Experts…You Can Use It For a Full 60 Days Without Risking a Dime of Your Hard-Earned Money.

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Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments eCourse