Create the Perfect Model Boat Plans


Create the Perfect Model Boat Plans


Designing a boat can be very interesting for those who love sailing and exploring the water ways. You can make a small boat of 2 feet long to very large ships. It all depends on the requirements of the shipping companies and the boat designers. Boat building can be an overwhelming task. All you need to do as a boat designer is just follow few basic plans of designing and you will be on your way to designing strong and beautiful boats. There can be various ways of building boats.

You can use the stitch and glue method. This is preferred so that designs could be simpler and drawn without the need of a background of either basic boat building or drafting skills. To save time on building, and eliminate some of the care needed in making wood joints, as well as remove the necessity for some of the metal fastenings.

You can use plywood or wood as the material cost is very moderate. Modern plywood using epoxy glued laminates, and the use of epoxy sealer systems has extended the life of plywood craft. Just follow the boat plans and small or large boats, they are all the same, only the time and cost factor varies. Plywood or wood boats are easy for an armature to repair.

You can use steel for making boats. The simple building procedure is in six basic stages. Firstly, construct a strong back (building frame). Then, make the frames etc using the full size frame patterns and set up with the keel, stem, rim, stringers. Then cover the framework with the steel sheeting. Later on, turn the hull over right side up and prop in position. There after finish the inside welds on the hull. And finally, build deck, cabin etc and fit out.

Now all you have to select the right material and the right plan to make your own boat and follow the boat plans.

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