Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments


Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments


Two things you must absolutely understand today:

#1 – There is no better time than right now to start investing in apartments
#2 – We have entered a time of generational real estate investment opportunities

Introducing… Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments


In this Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments 200+ page ebook with illustrations, you’ll learn:

  • How to make money in this crazy, wild, but incredibly opportunistic real estate market
  • Guiding principles of investment that you should never invest without!
  • How to evaluate apartment deals smartly and easily with the 3 Golden Rules of Number-Crunching
  • Creative financing strategies… this is for you if… you have little cash…you cannot obtain a loan due to poor credit… or you desire to leverage what cash you have available
  • Raise private money from investors with money partners…and know how to structure successfully
  • Raise money from family n’ friends… actual dialogue included… learn what to say and when to say it
  • Get your investors to “write the check”… overcome the trust factor…selling versus counseling… 5 must-do critical tips
  • Learn about the master lease technique where the advantage are… no banks required… you and seller can get as creative as you want on the deal terms…quick closing, low closing costs, closing as quickly as 7 days… seller can generate good interest income per month…buyer can create a good amount of cash flow and equity build-up…
  • The absolute best way to find the best deals… no ifs, ands, or buts…!
  • Go through real-life case studies on creatively buying apartments from the expert himself
  • How to perfectly time any market – yes you can!
  • Master key investment terms that’ll guarantee to bring you instant credibility and rapport regardless of your experience
  • Tons and tons of due diligence action items to protect you from bad deals… included are complete checklists and 7 critical tips you never would have thought of
  • Learn the one “word” that opens you up to the treasure of creative financing…it’s not what you think it is… guess anyone?
  • Intelligibly choose a city to invest in… don’t miss this smart advice
  • How to negotiate like a pro… these strategies are all a part of human nature and take very little effort
  • Discover the keys to cash back and credits at closing… it’s easier than you think
  • Learn how to hire and manage property managers anywhere in the US… this is where the money is made…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
  • Master the art of managing the management… no book out there teaches this…guaranteed
  • Discover the #1 cause of why apartment investment fail… this may be the most important chapter you read…
  • Learn what steps to take after you find a deal that you like
  • Learn how to make offers that get accepted… and more importantly how to not over pay!
  • Learn all about investment exit strategies… know them before, during, and after you invest
  • How to protect your apartment investment from lawsuits
  • See tax strategies from the personal tax strategist and CPA – Warren Taryle
  • And lastly, a 90-day action plan that’s time-tested that’ll take you week by week in getting your first deal closed in 90 days or less.

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Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments