Crate Training Puppies To Housebreak A Dog Plus More


Crate Training Puppies To Housebreak A Dog Plus More


Crate Training Puppies

Some people think that using a crate is cruel since it resembles a cage or a place of confinement for a dog. However, it is not as crate training puppies is one of the most effective ways to housebreak a dog. But in addition to housebreaking, there are more advantages to using crates.

A dog crate that has a metal gate you can open and close is also another item highly recommended when I teach new puppy owners to housebreak a dog, whether they intend to use the traditional outdoor only method or include indoor litterbox training. My crates are stuffed with comfortable pillows for my dogs. You can also use one of those portable steel fences that form an enclosed area but I prefer an enclosed plastic crate since it is easier to use and move around.

If you are going to be getting more than one puppy at a time, you will need a crate for each dog. In time, they will want their own crate and space although as you will read on later, you can initially use just a single crate. However, these puppies will grow and separate crates will be required. Below is a photo of one of our dog crates.

dogcrateloDog Crate With Pillow

Dog Crate Training For Travel

By the way, if you ever intend on flying anywhere with your dog, the airlines usually require that pets be transported in animal crates. They also do not allow multiple pets to be transported in any single crate. Each animal must be in s separate crate so this is another benefit of crate training puppies.

I had to fly my first two dogs Pepper and Max from Toronto to Winnipeg as I was relocating for a new job. I arrived at the Toronto airport with my first two dogs Pepper and Max in one crate and the airline made me purchase a second crate on the spot (they have them in stock at the airports). This is how I ended up with two crates in the first place from my years with my first two dogs. We used the same two crates again for our flight when we relocated back to Toronto three years later.

Effective Tool To Housebreak A Dog

A dog crate should just be large enough for your puppy to stand up, turn around and lie down in with soft bedding (cushion or towels). You don’t want a crate that is too large. Dogs have a natural den mentality which means that they generally do not want to eliminate where they sleep. If the crate is just large enough for your dog to sleep in, it will prefer to hold things in until you let your pet out. Of course it’s possible that your puppy might make an accident inside the crate but he/she will not like it and learn quickly from this. This is why crate training puppies is so effective to housebreak a dog.

If the crate is too big, your puppy might sleep on one end and eliminate at the other end. This will defeat the crate’s purpose of taking advantage of the dog’s natural den mentality and slow down the training process. So you may have to buy different sizes of crates as your puppy grows. Some crates do have adjustable dividers to change the size of the inside space.

There is another way to avoid having to buy multiple sized crates. I had two medium size crates left over from my years with my first two dogs. When I first got Chester and Roxie, they were so small that they really only needed half the size of these crates. So I used a bunch of rolled up towels to stuff the back end of these crates so that the inside spaces were effectively reduced to half. This worked perfectly. Then as my puppies grew larger, I simply removed the towels as needed.

The video below demonstrates crate training puppies in more detail as I show you one of the crates my dogs use. Of course, the use of a crate is only one aspect to housebreak a dog. For more information on the overall progression particularly in housetraining with a dog litter box, click on the orange graphic just below the video.

Crate Training Puppies Demonstrated


Crate Training Puppies Evolves Into Sleeping Quarters

After crate training as part of the overall process to housebreak a dog, the actual crate can evolve into something that your dog can use for life. In our case, my two dogs now use their crates as sleeping quarters. They also sometimes go into their crates during the daytime for naps or just to relax as they view this location as a nice comfortable and safe place. The metal doors are always left open now as they come and go as they please. So crate training puppies is definitely not cruel at all. My dogs see their crates as a good place.

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