Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers


Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers


Introducing… Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers


It is a 30, 000 word step-by-step guide with detailed pictures and screenshots on how to advertise a business on the free classifieds website

This guide consists of 2 main parts: Introduction and the Blue Print. In the first part you will learn all the necessary information about Craigslist in order to succeed in its competitive environment. This is exactly what you will learn:

  • What HTML tags were banned in November 2013.
  • Why you have to advertise online.
  • How to advertise with no marketing budget.
  • Why it is the #1 stop for any entrepreneur or business owner (page 8).
  • How many people are looking for your products and services on it every day.
  • What future is awaiting for it (page 13).
  • How to post ads without a an account.
  • The 2 step process of the account verification.
  • Is it possible to use a landline phone number to verify an account? (page 17)
  • Hacks: How to search it like a pro.(page 20)
  • Which categories on it are paid?
  • What forums are and how they may help your business.
  • Demographics of visitors; complete breakdown by gender, age, household income, etc.(page 25)

In the second part, the Blue Print, you will learn what exactly to do, to set a successful marketing campaign. This is the core of this guide. The second part is stuffed with valuable material, secret techniques of a professional Craigslister, hacks for better conversion and category domination. You will learn:

  • The three vital concepts for your marketing campaign (page 30).
  • Hack: How to stand out using the limited possibilities of ad titles.
  • How to write an ad’s title that people want to click.
  • Hack: How its power listers use the “Price” and the “Specific location” fields (page 35).
  • What new paid categories were added on March 13th 2014?
  • How many ads you can post with a “blocked account”?
  • How to create a great ad with graphics and gain a competitive advantage given the November update. (page 38)
  • How to create an image for your ad.
  • What information about your offer and business should you place on an image?
  • What HTML tags are still allowed and how you can use them to enhance your ads(page 42).
  • You can’t increase font’s size with banned HTML tag “font”. Hack: how to do it anyway (page 44).
  • Did you know that you still can use banned HTML tags in certain categories?
  • How to include a clickable link inside your ad.
  • How to create a “flyer” style ad with an image in the ad’s description (page 48).
  • Craigslist and “mobile” revolution. How to adapt.
  • The most kept secret revealed – video in your ad.
  • Gain a competitive advantage – What 99.9% of ad listers fail to recognize.
  • Professional Craigslister’s main problem: ghosting. What is it and how to spot it? Nine steps to avoiding it altogether (page 59).
  • IMPORTANT: How to NOT try to game the system (self-tested).
  • Gain a competitive advantage: how many accounts can you create? How many should you create? (page 62)
  • Hack: How to pass its famous phone verification.
  • The most kept secret revealed – how owning a website can help you with its verification process (page 65).
  • How many ads should you post per day without being ghosted or banned?
  • How many old ads should you renew? (page 66)
  • Two different ways of renewing/posting your ads.
  • Professional Craigslisters know that it is prohibited to post two similar ads advertising the same thing – something that you are going to do a lot. Hack: How to make your ads look different for its censorship robots (page 68).
  • IMPORTANT: How to not make your ads different (once again with a real life example).
  • Find out the truth about posting in different cities.
  • Hack: In what categories should you post your ad to get the most exposure? (page 70)
  • IMPORTANT: 3 proven ways of changing your IP address.
  • VITAL! : How to not cross the blurred line of being a spammer (page 76).
  • Learn the “new school” of converting your ad viewers to paying customers. Don’t be the industry’s laggard. .
  • Hack: How to make sure your ad shows up in people’s search results.
  • Hack: Do you know how many people clicked on your ad? Learn how to find out (page 83).
  • How to outsource your posting process all together.
  • What exactly should you ask your potential customer in your ad? How to leverage traffic?
  • IMPORTANT: Your account can be stolen with all the time and energy that you’ve invested. How to protect yourself (page 88).
  • What are other great free classifieds websites where you can advertise your business?
  • Hack: How to advertise your service on
  • How to stop posting and get “lifetime ads” that will work for you? (page 91)

The “Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers” is designed to get you your very first customers without spending a penny on ads. You may wonder “How is that possible?” The answer is simple: a free classified website – Craigslist.

Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers can help you right away.

1. Lead generation is erratic. You can’t get in front of the right people, or enough of the right people, or enough of the right people enough of the time.
2. Marketing is expensive. You’re afraid to spend money on marketing because of the uncertainty of results.
3. People are indifferent. No one seems to care about your product/service. Getting your first 100 customers is difficult.
4. It’s blocking your ads. It has a long history of being spammed. It keeps ghosting your ads.
5. Even with “live” ads, your phone is silent. People click on your ad, but something doesn’t seem right to them, so they don’t call / email you.

Big companies have huge marketing budgets, and marketing departments filled with experienced marketers. You don’t have anything like that … and frankly you don’t want to spend your time managing all those people.

After all’ that’s one of the reasons you decided to become your own boss.

The Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers is NOT For you if:

– you’re looking for a book on “how to get millions of loyal customers without spending some time or making an effort,” then this isn’t it.

It’s only for serious players. It takes effort and it takes hard work. If you’re looking for a magic bullet, or for somebody else to do the work, then this book isn’t for you.

Are you ready to get serious?

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Craigslist Guide for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Marketers