Cover Letter Creator Software


Cover Letter Creator Software


All about cover letters, resume cover letters, job letters, interview and follow up letters. Powerful letters that get interviews.

Do you really need a cover letter with your resume?

YES, if you want a job. Even if you are sending your resume via email – you must have a cover letter. Unless an employer specifically states to not send one, always send a cover letter. However, do not send any cover letter – it is so critical, the wrong one can eliminate you immediately, and the right one can get you an interview.

OneClick Cover Letter Creator has teamed up with Wordmatica to produce a software program loaded with the most powerful cover letters ever created.

It automatically inserts these cover letters customized for you, the employer and job you are seeking into most any Word processing program or email with “One Click.”

Each letter is labeled and serves a specific purpose, all are in the correct formats intended to get you an interview. There are automatic custom fields for the employer, address, position, skills matching, and more. There are formal formats mostly used for printing a hard copy and there are email formats. You can customize each one and use these letters again and again.

There is an Online Guide link to tell you how to use the software and when to send each type of letter.

This software is a downloadable digital product. The software is easy to use and the buyer gets Quickstart Instructions and access to the online guide. Customers get 3 valuable free gifts – not thrown together cheesy reports but eBooks that have all sold as standalone products.

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