Core Power Workouts and Training for Baseball Video Course


Core Power Workouts and Training for Baseball Video Course


Welcome to the Most Innovative and POWERFUL Core Conditioning program that will have you Throwing Harder and Hitting with More POWER

After Just 3 Workouts!

…And do this right ON THE FIELD using bats, balls and bands!


Core Power Workouts and Training for Baseball Video Course will have you hitting the baseball harder, throwing faster, increasing bat speed, improving quickness & reaction and have teammates, parents & coaches asking what you are doing.


Its creator Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized fitness professional specializing in creating power and core strength in athletes. A member of Team Men’s Fitness, Barry is also a contributor to Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Barry’s unique style of athlete and core training produces incredible results with little equipment, can be done right on the field of play and is being used by tens of thousands of athletes and coaches worldwide. It offers a solution to baseball coaches and players who want to improve their power, core strength and overall performance.

The videos are easy to follow and can be done without a gym or pricey equipment which is another huge concern for coaches.

What you will find here are real workouts, used by real clients. You will not find these in a textbook or on the book shelf.

This is filled with core training and baseball training exercises guaranteed to drastically improve throwing power, hitting and swing speed.

Train from the inside out!


Well, the core is designed of over 30 muscles that basically make up your torso area or your POWER PACK.

When you challenge these muscles safely with the ‘outside the box’ training, just like you will find here you in turn create tons of power because you are recruiting 100’s of 1000’s of muscles fibers that you will never get to by lying on a bench and pushing a barbell.

A few points:

  • The core is your center of gravity & where all movement begins.
  • By training it correctly you WILL see changes after just 3 WORKOUTS!
  • It connects the upper and lower body and when trained correctly your body will function as one.
  • A strong core provides balance and stability which is necessary in all athletic movement.
  • Whether you hit, throw, twist, jump or run, you are moving from the core first!
  • If you have a weak core you will most likely be a weak athlete. It doesn’t matter how much weight you can lift, it matters how much power you can generate.
  • Core training is not only extremely beneficial but it is fun, effective and NEVER boring.

Guaranteed Results for Athletes of ALL AGES!

There is only one way that you will not receive results and that is by not performing the workouts as instructed or not doing them at all.

Ready to:

  • Drastically improve core strength?
  • Increase Velocity?
  • Create TONS of POWER?
  • Hit Harder and Farther?
  • Throw Faster?
  • Improve Bat Speed?

Over 50,000 athlete worldwide have used this training style!

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Core Power Workouts and Training for Baseball Video Course