Controlling Your Golf Shot Video Tutorial – Quit Slicing Forever


Controlling Your Golf Shot Video Tutorial – Quit Slicing Forever


Who Else Wants To Quit Slicing Forever, While Adding 40 Yards To Your Drives And Hitting The Middle Of The Fairway…

With Every Tee Shot From Here On Out!

Over 80% of all golfers slice with their drivers and longer clubs.

It’s the most common (and most frustrating) problem in golf today… and yet only a handful of teaching professionals even have a clue how to fix it!

What’s more, even if you find a PGA teacher (there may ONE in your entire state) who can help you, it will cost you hundreds of dollars in lessons and take MONTHS of tinkering and range practice to perfect what you learn.

Forget about adding “power” to your swing, or buying fancy new clubs. Once you’ve extracted the distance-robbing slice from your drives, you will AUTOMATICALLY gain serious yardage (up to 40 yards and further) and ALSO drop at least 10 strokes your next round, simply by avoiding trouble on your second shot!

Today, you slice and suffer fever-high scores.

Tomorrow, you can be hitting 100% of your fairways with deep drives, and finish with your BEST SCORE EVER.

Darrell is one of the PGA’s most savvy professional teachers, you can pick everything up quickly and easily. Darrell likes to shock people by saying that “golf is an EASY game”… but you’re about to discover the same thing. Golf DOES get easy, when you’re always playing from the fairways, close to the green, with shots that go exactly where you want them to go!

What made Darrell such a special man, that he discovered secrets almost NO ONE else has? Hard work, mostly. For 5 years, Darrell hit a thousand golf balls at the range every day, studying each and every shot. He studied equipment (tearing apart clubs and balls to see what made them work). He played a TON of golf, putting every new discovery to the test… and beating some of the best players in the game in the process.

Then… he polished his teaching abilities by burying himself in seminars and classes on communication … so he could TRANSFER his amazing knowledge to students in the fastest manner possible. I’ve never met a golf teacher who takes his job so seriously.

And then Darrell hid out in a farm town to raise his family and create a small population of students who went on to terrorize everyone else in California with their golfing prowess. And he started the legend that ended with me “discovering” him.

Here’s what you’re going to discover yourself:

+ How to “diagnose” your slice – because there are actually 2 different slices… and with one of them (which you probably have), you will need only a minimal change in your swing to cure it forever! (most golfers never realize the “personality” of their slice – and once this personality becomes glaringly obvious, so does the solution!)
+ How to use a ping pong ball to force your brain to understand WHY you’re slicing (just like Bobby Jones did long, long ago)… which then makes it simple to “reprogram” your body so you never slice again! (The main reason slices are so hard to cure is, your BRAIN just refuses to believe it’s wrong! Darrell knows the way around this self-sabotage.)
+ Why most golfers confuse power with distance… and just compound their slicing problem and actually RAISE their scores as they get stronger off the tee! (Once you understand the difference, you’ll hit longer and straighter without adding any power to your swing at all!)
+ How to instantly adopt the “magic” fairway shot that removes a nice “toupee” divot (just like you see on the Tour)… and puts a wicked professional “back spin” on your ball (of 11,000 rpm’s!) to guarantee pinpoint placement on the green! (Very cool shot!)
+ How to suddenly start whacking line-drive tee shots that rise, just like touring pro’s! (No more of those lofty, wind-blown mortar shots that are so hard to control.)
+ How to be one of the “lucky 1%” of all golfers who regularly challenge par on the toughest courses… even when you’re playing a championship course for the first time! (Playing a hole you’ve never seen before, where the pin is hidden and the traps are disguised, will devour a normal golfer… but with your new skills off the tee, you’ll play even a Course From Hell like it was your home grass!)
+ And a lot more. Darrell possesses an unbelievable catalog of knowledge about golf… and we’ve captured it here on film. Imagine sitting down with Bobby Jones, or Ben Hogan, and getting insight into their level of the game, one on one. That’s the feeling these videos gives – a great golfer sharing tips and strategies and tricks that only come after a lifetime of golfing experience and study. Watching these videos just got me so amped up to play that I made reservations for the next morning… went out alone… and had one of my best games ever!

You can tell Darrell LOVES this game..and his enthusiasm rubs off along with all that incredible knowledge. Slice? What slice? Let’s golf.

Sounds good, doesn’t it. With an absolute MINIMUM of work, you can suddenly get the MAXIMUM from your golf game. Straighter shots, better lies, lower scores. Almost overnight. With as little fuss and bother as you could imagine.


Controlling Your Golf Shot Video Tutorial – Quit Slicing Forever