Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business


Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business

This software was developed not by just a software engineer, or accounting genius, but working with a veteran contractor who understands the needs,and knows what it takes to be successful in any contracting business, and the “Right Tool For The Right Job” has always been the choice of trade professionals for ever….

Introducing… Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business


There are many benefits to using this program, and we releases to the public to help contractors all over the country, Desktop Version offers the power that you need to help you run your business, and build your customer database.

NOTE: We have included a list of some powerful features of “Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business” that will give you some understanding of this enterprise class software platform that has been developed by a team of highly skilled software engineers to help you with your contractor business.

You can have your company mobile or on a network environment- Using this powerful program can give you the flexibility of having a mobile office, by installing it on a laptop to use on your estimates or your inspections. You can also install it on a server or main computer at your office as a network environment.

Features of Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business:

Unlimited user accounts – It allows you to create is many user accounts for your company, so you can build your company around the program. It is a powerful tool that allows you the flexibility to store your data on a server or computer.

Single data entry point – the best part about using this enterprise class program is that once you enter the information you never have to enter a second time. The more you can automate the systems in your office, the more efficient and profitable you become.

Easily set up all of your company information – you will have to set up your company information once, and then once you save your settings you’ll never have to do this again. Fully editable terms and conditions that you can use for all of you contracts and proposals have been included, and plus you can build your customer data file so you never lose any information about your client, your company or any of your sales or estimates.

Built-in e-mail server – a e-mail server that is built into which can send e-mails to your clients with a professionally written contract or proposal to help you close more deals, which can help you make more money.

Preformatted contracts and proposals (fully editable) – a suite of letters proposals, contracts that are included inside the program so you can access your customer data, and create a contract or proposal quickly using these template

The company scheduling calendar – integrated one of the best calendars for desktop application that allows you to view your current schedule, change any appointments you may have and use the same calendar for everybody in your office, or on your personal laptop or ever you’re holding your main company data file, this can save a lot of time and money.

Your customer photo database – during the estimate phase you will need to take photos of your current project, and you can use the photos to help you sell the job but also to integrate those into your proposals and contracts. This is a very important feature that allows flexibility of imaging, PDFs in the only other uploads needed for the client.

Using Google Maps is a powerful free tool – one of the best free features is Google maps, use this to get a aerial view of the job you’re going to be bidding on, and also you can look around the neighborhood to see if this additional work needed for your contracting business, don’t underestimate the power of Google maps it is a great free tool.

Customize reporting for your complete contractor business – keeping track of all your company data is very important, most importantly you need to have a quick snapshot of your business with just a click of a mouse, and that’s where this program stands above the rest. You will have the ability to view graphs, print Excel sheets and PDFs so you can see your current sales and see how your business is doing in just seconds.

Creating detailed insurance quotes in minutes – another powerful feature is the ability to upload photos during the insurance inspection, and then building a professional looking contract with all the items needed to submit your insurance quote.

Your new program will grow as your company grows – This new program gives you the flexibility of using a powerful dashboard interface, with some of the most enterprise class features found in very expensive programs.

All of your customer information is stored in one database – The best parts of Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business is the customer management system, which is connected to all of the pieces of the software components in this desktop application. This works with any contractor business, and many types of contractor data templates were added which are ready to use.

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Contractor Estimate Pro Software for Home Improvement Business