ContestBurner – Online Contests Software


ContestBurner – Online Contests Software


Introducing ContestBurner:

A Revolutionary, New Software Program Anyone Can Use — In ANY Market — To Drive Floods Of Traffic… To Create An Army Of Back-links… To Capture Tons Of Subscribers… To Recruit Loads Of Affiliates… And To Produce Viral Storms Of Buzz & Attention Rapidly All Over The Net!

It is a patent pending program that allows ANYONE the abilities to start, run and manage their own contest. The contest generates tons of back-links for any site! (even offline small businesses can utilize this).

Through a WordPress plug-in (simple to install), Contest Burner is quick, easy and user friendly. The product allows ordinary people to have the power to generate thousands of back-links all over the Internet. This helps them get loads of traffic and rankings on SE’s.

Plus, it awards points to participants for taking action. Participants in the contest can earn points for doing action-steps such as:

Submitting Youtube videos
Commenting on Youtube videos
Tweeting and retweeting
Submitting press releases
Blog comments
And the list goes on and on!

If you are the one running the contest (owner of the product) then what you get in return is a flood of back-links, tons of buzz in the marketplace, lots of referrals, a huge list being built for you and much more!

Listen, when you get this. You get it.

I mean, when you fully comprehend the power of Contest Burner, you see dollar signs. Everyone does. Top marketers from all over — are all over this right now! We are running even more case studies right now… more proof factors are being generated as we speak.

Proof :: Proof :: Proof!

Every good salesperson and marketer knows to “Sell On Proof”… to stack layers upon layers of proof… and that’s what you are about to have at your disposal —- a mother-ship of Proof! How Powerful Is That For Generating Commissions!

Contest marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to you today. Used correctly it can drive floods of traffic to your website & it can even hypnotically transform your website visitors into buyers.

With Contest Burner, your visitors will “happily” spread the word about your site all over the web. They’ll get engaged with your message… and become raving fans!

In fact, they’ll tell everyone about how great you (or your product) is and they’ll recruit people (influence them) to visit your site!

When you “incentivize” these actions… by offering prizes… it instantly turns passive browsers into ACTIVE PROMOTERS of your site! It’s already proven… your visitors will:

* Spread links on Facebook, Twitter & dozens of social media sites
* Email their friends, family and lists about your site
* Get people to sign up on your site (opt in)
* Create articles, press releases, Hub Pages & many other types of content, linking to YOU
* Create reviews for your product
* Record YouTube videos about you & their experiences with your products
* They’ll even write your website content for you!

What makes it so powerful is simple… it automatically brings you traffic, action, buzz, branding, a list and more! It engages the market and it “rises you” above the noise!

Don’t miss out on this launch… you’ll kick yourself in the teeth for missing out and leaving all that money on the table! Join Now and get involved!


ContestBurner – Online Contests Software