Confident Grammar Guide PDF


Confident Grammar Guide PDF


Every time you speak to a colleague…

…every time you write an email to a friend or associate…
…every time you’re considered for a job or a promotion…
…every time you write a report, assignment or presentation…

People use your language to instantly “tip them off” about how educated, competent, and successful you are.

You have probably been judged for your-grammar mistakes many times this year

Right or wrong, people judge you based on your communication skills, even if you are very smart and creative on the inside.

Bad-grammar is like a beautiful person dressing in the clothes of a street tramp. People just won’t see the inner beauty because it’s obscured by the mess on the outside.

And the sad part is that many people who would otherwise be successful are being held back by their bad English. And why? Most people subscribe to the myth that it’s just too difficult to acquire the communication skills that they know deep down will bring them all they have ever dreamed of.

Announcing… Confident Grammar Guide PDF


What a great difference good communication can make to someone’s life and career. No matter what position you are in right now, this information applies to you. You are going to learn to speak and write with power and persuasion. You are going to quickly learn to communicate with success so you that can enjoy the life and career you have always dreamed of.

Confident Grammar Guide PDF IS:

The ONLY course that improves your grammar-and-communication at record speed by focusing on the most common mistakes you must avoid.
A complete grammar-and-communication enhancement system that’s guaranteed to dramatically improve your communication skills in 30 days or less.

Only the information you need to quickly improve your communication for success

Confident Grammar Guide PDF is NOT:

  • NOT a boring-grammar rule book
  • NOT an overpriced audio course that fails to deliver results
  • NOT a padded out text book with information that isn’t relevant to your goals (such as the history of the English language)

You get the best grammar-information designed to skyrocket your communication ability in the shortest time possible

  • Why learning-grammar doesn’t require lots of rules
  • A quick list of essential grammar-terms – note: we don’t waste your time with boring rules and definitions. This is strictly what you need to know to improve your communication FAST
  • “Rules of the Game” and how breaking these can be hazardous to your health

You get tons of quick and easy shortcuts that allow you to quickly identify and avoid embarrassing grammar-mistakes.

  • How to quickly divide any sentence into two parts… and how this will instantly expose many of the most common mistakes
  • An easy way to find the subject and object of any sentence – without complex rules
  • The “who or what” question, and why you should always know how it’s answered
  • The two ways apostrophes are used in sentences and how to avoid mixing them up (WARNING! getting this wrong looks amateur and damages your credibility)
  • An easy way to solve your “apostrophe catastrophe” E.g. when to use companies vs company’s vs companies’
  • How to quickly eliminate one of the most common and embarrassing mistakes (hint “John and I” isn’t always correct)
  • The final word on when to use who vs whom – and it’s dead easy to remember
  • An enlightening shortcut that will make sure that you never confuse “affect” and “effect” – You’ll be laughing under your breath at people every day when you know this one
  • Why some of the shortest words in the English language can be the most dangerous – and the most powerful
  • What the “prep trap” is and how falling for it can be a fatal mistake
  • The one thing you absolutely must avoid in business and formal communication

Not only will you learn how to avoid the most common mistakes, you’ll also learn how to communicate with the style of a pro!

You get a list of the most commonly confused words

  • Tons of examples so you can be confident that you are always using the right word in the right situation
  • You’ll sound articulate and intelligent for using the right word in the right situation
  • WARNING! When you catch people misusing words don’t tell them – it will only hurt their feelings – you can be quietly confident that you have superior communication skills

You’ll also get the ultra-crash book to powerful style – you’ll be writing and sounding articulate in a few days

  • An easy way to remove repetition and clumsiness from your writing
  • A little category of words that are essential to communication and are often misused
  • How to avoid cramping your style
  • Why more words can make you sound awkward – and how to avoid this common problem
  • Words and phrases to AVOID AT ALL COSTS: If you are using these now you are literally shooting yourself in the foot
  • Tons of examples to clearly demonstrate good style and the common style traps

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