Concussions in Children Caused by Playing Soccer Guide


Concussions in Children Caused by Playing Soccer Guide


How many times have you just cringed when your child collides with another player as they race intensely down the field chasing the ball. Far across the field (always the way!) they both fall and your heart beats a mile a minute as they both get up slowly.

The referee blows her whistle and a coach may come out to see how she is… just the worst feeling! Isn’t it?

Concussions can have very serious side effects. Do you know them all?

They can affect learning, long-term memory, coordination, cause nausea, vomiting, sleep problems, and even loss of consciousness!

Treatment varies from using pain relievers for headaches to plain and simple rest. Rest consists of both physical and mental rest.

If a player jumps back in too soon before fully recovering then the next concussion with be more severe and take longer from which to recover.

You cannot take any chances and cut corners on identifying the symptoms or the treatment.

5 Facts About Soccer Concussions

  • Concussions are the most dangerous youth injury in soccer – even more so with girls!
  • Most concussions can be prevented.
  • There are 4 distinct categories of signs to recognize a concussion.
  • Many long-term effects of soccer concussions are easily treatable if recognized.
  • Headgear and other devices designed to cushion the hit may not be as effective as you may think.

Introducing… “Concussions in Children Caused by Playing Soccer Guide”


This is the most complete guide ever written on the subject of soccer related concussions.

You’ll learn…

  • The most common symptoms and how to recognize them immediately
  • The leading causes of concussions today, and how to avoid them
  • A full explanation of concussions that anyone can understand
  • Proven methods for preventing over-use injuries
  • The best recovery methods and ones you should avoid
  • Post Concussion syndrome- what is it? How to best perform it and why it’s so important
  • Risk factors and how to minimize them
  • Plus much, much more!

Learn exactly what to do, what NOT to do, and avoid the most common mistakes.

You don’t need a medical degree to understand this as it’s written in common language with easy to understand explanations.

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Concussions in Children Caused by Playing Soccer Guide