Comprehensive Home Soundproofing Guide


Comprehensive Home Soundproofing Guide


Get a Sultan’s Soundproofing On A Beggar’s Budget.

Achieve Low Cost Home Soundproofing And Relief From Annoying Noise Problems.

If you want to do do something about those noisy neighbors, the barking dogs, planes, trucks, leaf blowers, boom cars & crying babies, or you want a sound studio, then this is important.

Perhaps you are wondering how to deal with traffic noise, pets, trains, doof doof music, garbage trucks, the people next door or late night parties? Or maybe you want to make lots of noise without disturbing others eg a kids area, home theater or music studio?

Why Is It That Every Resource On The Internet Fails to Mention The Following:

Step 1) The Worst Offending But Most Easily Fixed Problems Which Are An Issue In Almost Every Noisy Home, Apartment and Building. . .

Step 2) The Massive Impact Of Wrongly Installed Materials And How To Make Sure You Or Your Contractor Gets It Right First Time

Step 3) How To Decide Which Parts Of The Room To Deal With First, In What Order, And How To Work Out What Will Give You The Greatest Success So That You Don’t Spend Too Much.

Here’s The answer: These guides are written by engineers who don’t have noise problems or they are written by professional writers who have never touched anything to do with it!

How helpful would it be to know which are the most common and the most inexpensive and readily available materials? Why spend more money than you have to. Some materials end up being hellishly expensive by the time you get them installed and get the effect you are looking for.

Would it help if you knew whether to use drywall, tiles, acoustic foam, mats, lead, egg cartons or some other type of panels or insulation? And just because someone says it’s a good material does that make it suitable for your situation. Good advice here is critical.

We could hear every step. The lady in the flat above liked to wear high heal shoes on her wooden floor. It was driving us to despair.

And what if you could find out which materials are easier to handle and easier to buy?

And if the noise is coming through your windows, do you think you need to know the difference between window double glazing and double windows? It’s a worrying fact that what most people will tell you about it is actually quite wrong.

How important is it to make sense of all the information out there … especially if there’s a chance it might not work for your problem?

No doubt you have already discovered that everyone seems to have their own views on it.

It’s certainly not surprising that most people struggle with it.

If you want to see first hand some traps, try typing “egg carton soundproofing” into Google. This is the one that everyone has heard about! You’ll get literally dozens of articles full of advice. Tragically though, egg cartons are a complete and utter waste of time (unless you want to store eggs), they absolutely don’t stop noise. Other examples of poor advice are plastic membranes for windows and a number of spray on products for walls and ceilings.

There are hundreds of products and recommendations:

  • Many of them don’t work very well;
  • Lots provide only small benefits;
  • Certain techniques are too difficult to do yourself;
  • Lots of materials are very expensive or difficult to find;
  • Some materials are very hard to handle;
  • A number of methods require special equipment or training.

It is not like any other home project. You just can’t make it up as you go along or muddle through and hope for the best.

You have to have correct advice and very clear easy to follow directions for every step. It’s a fact – you can actually install materials and make the problem worse!

Correct installation techniques can increase the effectiveness of the materials by 50% or more – saving time, effort and money.

You need the right materials for the specific noise characteristics and noise source.

And if you happen to want to do it yourself you need an easy, fairly cheap and quick method and you want a nice looking job at the end.

Introducing… Comprehensive Home Soundproofing Guide

Here is What You Will Know in the Comprehensive Home Soundproofing Guide:

  • Ten quick ways to make a difference in an afternoon with very little effort or money. Get immediate noise control by doing some amazingly easy things using cheap common acoustical materials. You might even find this does the trick and nothing more is required.
  • Absolutely critical considerations for do-it-yourself low cost room sound proofing. Create peace and quiet on a budget. You control the results without expensive or unreliable acoustical contractors.
  • Advice on which sound proofing materials to use. Don’t get trapped into buying expensive acoustical materials that you don’t need or which don’t work.
  • No secret product endorsements. Only the most cost effective noise solutions are presented, you won’t be blinded by science and jargon or secret endorsements.
  • A focus on the problem areas of windows, doors, walls, ceilings and floors. These are the special areas which need to be considered first for best room sound proofing.
  • Noise solutions which are suitable for homes and apartments, studios, garages, bedrooms, basements, home theaters and other living areas. Options for people who are restricted by what they can do because they are leasing; as well as more permanent quietening options for people who own their own home.
  • Clear, easy to follow color diagrams, pictures and instructions.
  • Avoid the frustrations caused by most guides which are confusing, biased, assume you are an expert or present only part of the information in complex diagrams and charts.
  • Acoustical myths and traps exposed. Avoid spending time, money and energy on popular techniques which simply do not work – like egg cartons and window membranes and some mats, panels, ceiling tiles, paint, curtains and so forth.
  • Retrofitting vs planning ahead. Insights into how to design a new quiet home vs how to make an existing home or apartment more peaceful. Or how to avoid moving into a noisy home or residential area in the first place.

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Comprehensive Home Soundproofing Guide