Commercial and Homemade Soap – Which is Better?


Commercial and Homemade Soap – Which is Better?


So often in life we take things for granted.

We get used to things that are not necessarily healthy, but they just become part of our life.

One of the things we overlook is the soap we use.

Most of us don’t question what it is made of, but if you think about it, it is something we use several times a day, every day.

Soap is soap, right? Wrong.

Store bought or commercial-soap has a very bad reputation for drying your skin.

People have begun to believe that you can’t have both, it’s either dry skin or or soap is just not cleaning well enough.

This is not true. The reason why store bought soap is so drying is because when it is being made, the commercial-soap company removes the glycerine from it.

Glycerine is a bi-product of soapmaking and is more valuable than the actual soap that is left.

Glycerine is extremely moisturizing. It literally pulls moisture from the air and pulls it into your skin. It’s amazing stuff.

Why do the commercial-soap companies take out the glycerine?

That’s easy… profit! They take the glycerine out of it and sell it to lotion-making companies who turn around and sell it back to the consumer who used skin drying soap because the glycerine was taken from it.

It’s a vicious cycle!!

Let’s take a closer look. If you look at the back of a soap package, the ingredients will likely include Sodium Tallowate. This is beef fat. The reason it is because it is cheap, readily available and makes a really hard-soap.

All real soap is made from some type of fat.

Almost all fat that goes into store bought soap is from animals and not vegetables.

Animal fat does not add anything beneficial to your skin.

There are no vitamins, no minerals and no soothing qualities.

When it comes to looking after your skin and keeping it healthy, there is nothing more important than cleaning it properly.

One of the best ways to be sure you are doing the best that you can do for your skin is to use a soap with all of the benefits that come from natural vegetable oils like olive and soy bean.

So what can you do about it? There is an easy solution, make your own soap. It’s fun, it’s creative and your skin will NEVER be the same.

After you start to use natural handmade-soap, many of your skin problems will disappear.

So many skin issues are caused by not treating your skin right from the beginning. Once you correct this mistake, you will leave those problems behind and they will be a distant memory.

Personally, natural-soap has changed the way my skin looks and feels. I used to have itchy, cracked hands and elbows.

Lotion was not an option, it was a necessity.

Making your own natural-soap is a perfect solution to getting what your skin needs.

You choose your oils, your scents and your colors.

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There are so many advantages to making your own soap.

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