Coming Home to Destruction – Afraid to Leave Dog at Home Alone?


Coming Home to Destruction – Afraid to Leave Dog at Home Alone?


How many times have you heard the story of a dog owner returning home to complete carnage? Holes dug in the garden or the couch, chewed tables, mess and destruction everywhere. Sometimes it’s even worse… you get a notice in your letter box explaining that you have a dog who’s not only destroying the yard but one that’s been barking for weeks every time you leave the house and now you have 5 days to fix it or face a $300 fine.

Oh boy! You’ve gotta love your dog 🙂

Strange thing is… very often, as soon as you walk back into the house there is never any barking (in fact you may hardly ever hear your dog bark) and no destruction takes place.

It’s like you have a completely different dog when you are not there…!

In fact you would be amazed by how many people have no idea that they owned a barking dog because the barking only happened when they were not there.

But… the great news is that none of this is a complicated problem to sort out.

In fact it’s one of the most common and straight forward behavioural issues to sort out.

In this post I am going to quickly explain why it’s occurring and point you to a site where you can easily learn how to stop it, gently and quickly. That site for those of you who are desperate and just want to get on with it is called The Online Dog Trainer.

So why is my dog barking and being so destructive when I leave?

Let me explain to you with an analogy.

Imagine that you are a parent with a two year old child for a moment. Your main job is to care for, look after and protect that child.

Now if the child ended up outside the house and you were locked inside unable to get out what would you do? Sit down with a cup of tea and read the paper?

I don’t think so…

You would be screaming and shouting and doing everything you could to get out of the house…pulling on the doors and the windows. Your energy levels would be very high, you would be stressed. And stress can show its self in many different forms… shouting, chewing fingers, excessive drinking/eating, gambling, addictions, the need to keep busy etc. Generally when we are stressed we are the opposite of relaxed! Your dog is no different.

The cause of the problem is simply that your dog thinks that they are the pack leaders in the home and they think that their job is to keep an eye on you and protect you.

That is why your dog is stressed when you leave them. They are stuck inside he property unhappy, worried and restless – all their pups have gone! And anything could happen!

Think about it. You leave for work 5 days a week at 8am and leave them at home again and again, imagine what that does to them! The build up of stress…and again, as with humans, that stress can come out in many different ways.

Some dogs will bark continuously, some will become hyperactive and not settle, digging holes and being destructive or chewing. The chewing actually releases endorphines which can help calm your dog down, very similar to when humans are stressed and chew chewing gum. The bottom line is that they are stressed, unsettled and they are wandering around all day long, doing stuff… often not stuff that you want because they simply can’t settle.

They are not bored. it’s not usually caused primarily by a lack of exercise and your dog does not need more toys or a meaty bone! (In fact this can make the problem much worse!)

The real solution is actually so simple, straight forward, logical and not expensive… YOU become the pack leader and then your dog will happily rest at home when you leave.

The best place to understand how to achieve this is The Online Dog Trainer where you can follow over 250 of his beautiful HD videos of how to achieve pack leader status in the eyes of your dog. Remember, Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days! The method uses 5 very powerful principles that he calls the 5 Golden Rules to ensure that your dog understands that you are the pack leader and are free to come and go as you please. Your dog can then relax and not worry when you leave the house. Dan’s methods are also very kind and gentle as he understands how to work with the dogs nature and work along side them. Another big bonus for anyone who is wanting to stop barking when you are not at home is that becoming the Pack Leader will change this too.

The site also covers off a number of other contributing factors that you can look into which will ensure that you achieve the results that you are looking for.

So if you’re in desperate need of help, this is the perfect resource for you. There is no need for dramatic action, just a little understanding of what’s going on in your dogs mind. It’s an amazing solution and I highly recommend it.

And hey, you can thank me later!

CLICK on the link below for more details.