Cold Process Soapmaking Step by Step Video Course


soap-making-headerCold Process Soapmaking Step by Step Video Course


Just imagine making your very own custom blend soap – what an amazing feeling! And so much fun too!

You pop a finished batch out of the mold and carefully section it.

You look closely over each piece – studying its uniqueness. Enjoying the enticing aroma and raw beauty of your creation until you’re certain each bar deserves your “Seal of Approval”.

And whether you are soaping for your family and friends or for profit, your reaction is the same…

A triumphant wave of personal satisfaction brings on a little happy dance and a grin from ear-to-ear. You have created something useful AND unique. A custom-made soap that is far better than anything found on a store shelf!

Congratulations! You are a Master Soap Maker!

Science Meets Art

If you don’t already know, soap making is fascinating. There’s nothing else like it. Chemistry in action with squeaky clean results.

Take a few select items from nature and mix them up just right and you get to watch a chemical reaction that causes the ingredients to turn into designer-quality, great smelling, skin nourishing soap.

Once the batch is ready (called reaching “trace”), pour it into a mold, and let it cure.

And you’ve created art with a purpose – and it’s good for you too!

You can customize it and personalize it to your heart’s content. Stick with the basics or add more steps – it’s entirely up to you. Just imagine all the ways you can put your special touch on each and every batch.

And that’s what it’s all about…

Making exactly what you want. Whether you feel like creating an additive-free soap, soap with a particular color or scent, or you want to express your creativity (and make money doing something you love) by starting your very own line of custom bath products, it’s easy – once you know the basics…

Introducing… Cold Process Soapmaking Step by Step Video Course


With this Cold Process Soapmaking Step by Step Video Course, you’ll easily understand the essential parts of soap making. Once you’ve mastered this process, even the most complex recipes become easier. And that’s true even if this is your very first batch!

And the recipe isn’t for some throw away batch. The formula makes a fragrant, appealing, and top-of-the-line soap that is every bit as good as what you’ll find in any of those high-end bath and body shops in the mall!

In just 53 minutes, the Cold Process Soapmaking Step by Step Video Course shows you:

  • The 5 mistakes almost all soap making newbies make that guarantees your batch will fail every single time and how to avoid them
  • The fool-proof way to quickly recognize trace like a pro – no more guessing and praying
  • The only way to introduce oils to your mixture so your soap comes out perfect every single time
  • The absolute best “must have” equipment for soap making (You may be surprised to find out that you already own most of it)
  • The safest way to handle lye and eliminate any chance of chemical burns
  • The simple steps to making clean up a snap
  • The easy short cut that reduces the process time WITHOUT sacrificing quality
  • Where professional soap makers get the best prices on all their supplies
  • All about fragile oils, how to handle them, and store them to save you frustration and money
  • What causes soap rancidity, how to recognize it, and how to avoid it.
  • The best online source for the highest quality oils
  • The fast and simple way to get your soap to pop right out of the mold – no more time-consuming and frustrating struggles
  • The common kitchen staple that instantly neutralizes lye
  • Tricks to bringing out desired characteristics in your soap
  • The optimal requirements for perfect saponification – It’s just not as complicated as you might think.
  • How and when to add botanicals to make soaps just like those found in designer boutiques and specialty stores
  • The 1 element that can cause your mixture to unexpectedly seize. It’s critical, yet often overlooked by even the most seasoned soapers
  • The techniques and methods used by the professionals that take you from uncertain amateur to confident craftsperson…

And it doesn’t stop there…

You’ll be seeing and hearing all of this (and more) for yourself. No more trying to figure it all out by flipping through a book or studying a few pictures. You are in on the action!

Soap Making Fun: The Cold Process Starter Manual ” is included – a printable guide which not only provides you written directions from the video (so you don’t have to be scribbling down notes), it helps you learn faster, and includes additional information like:

  • Basic instructions that work with any cold process soap formula
  • The complete recipe used in the video
  • A simple method for cutting clean up time by at least 75%
  • Detailed specifics on what to look for when shopping for any equipment
  • Tips the pros use to craft soap faster, easier, and more efficiently
  • More recommendations of where to get good deals online, and…
  • A 9-page glossary of soap making terms – Never wonder what a soaper is talking about again!

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Cold Process Soapmaking Step by Step Video Course