Church Building Construction Project


Church Building Construction Project


Introducing… “Preparing to Build”

preparing-to-build-church-coverIn its 3rd Edition Since 2005.

180 Pages of New & Updated Content!

Written by an experienced consultant, Preparing to Build is 180 pages of practical real-world information that will help equip your church to properly prepare for and execute a church building construction project.

Preparing to Build has been used as required reading in the Church Admin Class of Liberty University’s D.Min. program. The following are just two excerpts from papers arising out of this class.

“Stephen Anderson wrote an absolute masterpiece in his focused book Preparing to Build. It is a high-level guide for any and every church preparing to build new facilities. If churches used Anderson’s work before beginning the process of building, they would save themselves a whole lot of headaches, actually be prepared for what is upcoming, and ultimately make better and clearer decisions throughout the course of action. ”

“In reading Preparing to Build, one cannot help but notice that Mr. Anderson has a heart for his profession and a desire to assist others in understanding building projects. He understands, from firsthand experience, the burden to guide ministers and others through a quagmire of complex situations and confusion within the church building process. This book overall, shows strength throughout its entire content with examples allowing Anderson to expose some of the common problems churches encounter in building projects, but more importantly, how to prevent the problem before it arises. “

This book will help the church…

  • Determine the proper steps that need to be taken and then…
  • Learn how to accomplish those steps in the proper order, and then…
  • Execute those tasks with excellence the first time!

As a result your church will…

  • Save money
  • Reduce the time & effort you will have to invest
  • Build with less stress & more confidence
  • Properly equip your building or long range planning committee

Few Churches have the experience or the training to navigate a building program in a manner that minimizes the risk and maximizes satisfaction with the project.

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Church Building Construction Project