Chopper Tattoo – Get A Design That You Like


Chopper Tattoo – Get A Design That You Like


If you have decided to get a tattoo and you are searching for the right one for yourself, you need to make sure that you make the right choice, because it will be there for life. Searching the right design for you can be fun yet stressing and difficult also.

Chopper tattoo makes it easy for you to search the right design for yourself with its gallery comprising of about 4000 designs. The site claims to have the largest database on the net which is updated regularly.

When you have purchased the membership you will have many different categories to choose from in the membership area. The categories include Tribal, Dragon, Cross, Star, Gothic and Armband Tattoos and many more categories.

The best feature of the site besides its impressive collection is the ease of use of the members’ area of the website. It’s a really simple layout, and you don’t have to be a computer nerd to find your design quickly.

You can search as many designs as you want to and you can also customize your search according to size, category and color. After you have selected your design you can simply download it, print it and take it your tattoo artist.

If you are an aspiring artist yourself, then you can increase your exposure because there is a section of the site that allows you to submit your designs. The section on lettering will give you a lot of ideas on different styles and lets you customize whatever ideas that you have right on to your computer.

The site also offers some bonuses; you can play games and download your favorite music while searching for a tattoo for you.

The memberships are priced reasonably. One of the things that you will like about it is its flexible membership choices. It offers three membership plans to choose from according to your need:

• 1 Month – $19.95
• 2 Months – $24.95
• Lifetime – $34

Obviously if you are only planning on getting one tattoo in your lifetime the 1 month membership makes sense. But for those people who are planning to get more in future and for freaks lifetime membership is recommended.

Chopper Tattoo also offers a refund policy; if you are not satisfied with their services they offer you a full refund.

However some members have criticized that the category pages have big horizontal banner ads on each side of it, which you don’t expect on a membership site but this may not be an issue for everyone.

In short if you are looking for a tattoo that suits you this can help you a lot in a very reasonable cost compared to other such sites and the flexible membership plans also make it suitable for every type of users.

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Chopper Tattoo – Get A Design That You Like