Choosing The Best Toys For Bright Kids – Parent’s Guide


toy-guide-headerChoosing The Best Toys For Bright Kids – Parent’s Guide


Boost Your Child’s Learning With “Just Right” Toys & Games.

Your Child’s Success Begins With How They Play Today!

Introducing… The Smart Parent’s Guide To Choosing The Best Toys For Bright Kids

This book helps you choose toys your kids will love, explore and learn with – they’ll be learning and having a blast!!

It’s easy! Take just a few minutes to follow our straightforward and unique system and you will see what to use and how to use it to best effect for your child’s learning and development in all areas.

toy-guide-pic-1You’ll get:

  • How to entice your children away from those screens a little – go real life 3D!
  • Detailed analyses of 117 different toy and games types by their value for development of thinking, movement and sensory skills
  • How to match your child to the best toys to to suit their play and learning profile.
  • Ways to make thinking games fun for your active child.
  • Strategies to get your indoor, quiet child up and active and loving it!
  • How to set up your child’s play environment for maximum success, fun and learning.
  • Strategies to help reduce frustration
  • Ways to get them be more playful with language
  • Stretch their thinking in fresh ways.

toyy-guide-pic-2Learning & Child Development Professionals At Your Fingertips

Play is children’s work and the toys and games they return to repeatedly are their tools.

The trick then is to find the best tools for the work of play ahead of your children to stretch and extend their thinking and problem solving skills, engaging the whole of their minds and bodies – when we hit this “just right” level, children stick with those toys and games and get so much more than only entertainment from them!.

This book is a practical manual that you can use immediately to sensitively select, adapt, use and buy the very best toys, games and activities to make the maximize their learning and development.

This Book is Powerful Because It Gives You a Way To …

  • Capture your child’s imagination, and develop their minds and bodies with “just right” toys, games and activities – they’ll be learning easily and naturally, and not even know it!
  • Avoid the trap of the faddish, dust catching “latest thing”. What they want isn’t always what is best or the most fun (although sometimes it can be)! Learn how to tell the difference and get the best of both worlds!
  • Pick toys that build on their strengths AND watch their confidence grow!
  • Provide toys that will advance their abilities across all Fundamental areas of development while they’re having a ton of fun – research and experience tell us that those bright shiny toys that look so good to you are probably NOT going to do much for your child!
  • Find out how to break through the age barrier and see toys the way your child does – for better connections, more fun and more learning!


Choosing The Best Toys For Bright Kids – Parent’s Guide