Chinese Vegetarian Cooking – Quick and Easy Recipes


Chinese Vegetarian Cooking – Quick and Easy Recipes


Is your meal plan plain and boring? Is your cooking not as healthy as you’d like it to be? Would you like to improve you and your family’s health and diet through cooking-and-eating delicious, mouth-watering food?

Chinese Vegetarian Cooking РQuick and Easy Recipes shows you how to become naturally healthier by preparing easy, delicious, and health enhancing Chinese-recipes in minutes.


The Chinese Vegetarian Cooking РQuick and Easy Recipes is the complete e-cookbook you need to:

  • Discover how to cook authentic Chinese-vegetarian dishes
  • Discover how to use the healthiest ingredients to cook the tastiest dishes
  • 16 fundamental cooking-technique made easy for you to easily cook like a pro-chef!
  • Improve you and your family’s health with a tasty, nutritious diet
  • Learn all about Chinese-cooking ingredients
  • Make your taste buds dance with excitement, while cooking simple, yet exotic
  • Recipes that will save you hours of cooking-time
  • Features many mouthwatering Sichwan vegetarian-recipes that’s Guaranteed to spice up your diet and make it more enjoyable and interesting!

Easy, healthy, low fat, and delicious. So simple, you can do it in minutes!

Whether you’re a veggie, non-vegetarian, health enthusiast, or food lover, this is exactly the resource you need.

Is Your Diet Causing You Health Problems?

Now… There’s an Easy and Tasty Way to Improve Your Diet

Humans were meant to be primarily vegetarian. Your skin, teeth, stomach and bowel structures are designed for a veggie diet. Your digestive system is NOT designed to efficiently process meat.

Harmful effects of meat consumption you NEED to know:

  • Meat eaters are 3 times more likely than vegetarians to suffer heart diseases and breast cancer
  • People who eat meat are 400% more likely to suffer from colon cancer
  • You are at risk for arthritis, osteoporosis, and prostate cancer if you consume meat
  • High blood cholesterol and saturated fat are all unhealthy bi-products of eating meat
  • You can’t afford to ignore veggie diets anymore – and here’s another fact: Veggie diets do not lack the nutrients and proteins as many proclaim, and you reduce your risk for colon cancer substituting meat protein with bean/lentils protein!

Here’s the good news… With Chinese Vegetarian Cooking – Quick and Easy Recipes, you can cook easy, healthy, and mouth-watering vegetarian meals in just minutes. You won’t suffer from boring, unhealthy, and tasteless meals anymore!

If you enjoy Chinese-cooking, want to dine on delicious food, and desire a better diet, then this is exactly what you need…

Whether you want to save time, improve your diet and health, or cook mouthwatering food, this shows you how, like no other cookbook.

Save Time and Start-Cooking Delicious, Healthy Chinese-Recipes To Improve Your Diet and Health Today

Eating a variety of veggies are key to good health, but other foods such as soy, beans, and tofu not only add nutritional value, but also delightful flavors to your diet. This shows you the best ways to cook your food to maximize nutrition, taste, aroma, and appeal.

Just think, starting today, you can cook mouth-watering, healthy, and low fat Chinese-food that’s even better than what you get in a restaurant. Guaranteed! And it won’t take you longer than 30 minutes to prepare a delicious meal to satisfy your family and wow your friends. You’ll never have to worry about-cooking and eating boring, unhealthy food again!

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time and still enjoy delightful, yet healthy-cooking? Of course! You too, can save a lot of time preparing simple, tasty-recipes from this comprehensive cookbook.

Everyone and anyone can prepare healthy, low fat, and tasty veggie meals, and that includes you!

If you are a veggie, this will introduce you to healthy and delicious Chinese-vegetarian cuisine.

If you are considering becoming a veggie, or want to improve your health through better diet, or just want to try something new, start with this. Improve your diet, and learn the Chinese-secret of preparing veggie meat (not real meat, but just as good), and that’s not all…

Make Your Tastebuds Dance, and Easily Overcome Everyday-Cooking Problems You Face

Don’t you hate it when you’re out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Or when you just can’t seem to satisfy everyone at the dinner table? Not any more with this cook book.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your diet, improve your health, or prepare mouthwatering foods for dinner, this book has everything you need.

This comprehensive, 275 page cook book shows you…

1. Salads & Cold Dishes – learn how you can quickly prepare authentic Chinese-salads that are nutritious, healthy, and tasty.

  • 12 most popular salads and cold dishes
  • Making exotic salads from the most common household veggies and ingredients
  • It takes you less than 10 minutes
  • The common and essential ingredients used to make salad ‘dressings’ and dipping sauces

2. Deep-frying – learn the secrets and techniques of deep-frying. Prepare simple and delicious deep-fry dishes that you could never imagine possible.

  • With this secret-recipe, you can make perfect spring rolls every time
  • Step by step instructions showing you how to deep-fry to perfection… Every time
  • A RARE recipe that shows you how to cook Szechuan Fries – you won’t find anywhere else

3. Soups – you can cook appetizing and refreshing soups in under 15 minutes.

  • 1 (ONE) ingredient used to cook soups so you’ll never have to make your own soup stock – save you time, energy, and money
  • How to use ginger to enhance the taste of your soups, and improve your health
  • Secret recipes to make authentic Hot and Sour Soup, Wonton Soup, and more…

4. Stir-frying – you too, can prepare savory, healthy, and mouthwatering stir-fry dishes that you only see in restaurants and cooking shows. You’ll even learn to stir-fry better than real chefs, and impress your family and friends.

  • Easy to follow instructions take you hand-in-hand showing you how to stir-fry to perfection
  • Stir-fry recipes you can cook in less than 10 minutes!
  • Cook exciting dishes likes Kung Po Chicken, White Oil Twin Mushrooms, Spring Blossom, Homemade Chow Mein, Stir-fry Gai Lan, and much more

5. Braising & Stewing – learn how to braise and stew.

  • The secret Szechuan technique using eggplants to make vegetarian fish for braising and stewing
  • Authentic-recipes to make Sweet and Sour Ribs, and Honey Garlic Ribs – without using meat!

6. Steaming – Forget steaming broccoli or carrots – that’s boring and tasteless. This section shows you how to cook great tasting dishes by steaming.

  • The best ways to steam eggs
  • Use lotus root and sweet rice to make Blossoming Lotus Flower

7. Cooking-Tofu – This section shows you the simplest and best ways to prepare all types of tofu and tofu products. Supplement your diet with soy protein, and enjoy a healthier life style.

  • How to handle the 3 types of tofus
  • Using tofu as a protein supplement in your diet
  • Authentic recipe to cooking Ma Po Tofu

8. Home-Cooking – make simple, tasty home cooked dishes that you won’t find in restaurants.

  • The single best method to cook a wide variety of veggies
  • Recipes that show you how to prepare a meal for yourself in just 15 minutes
  • 26 simple, delicious, and healthy dishes to fire up your dinner menu

9. Original Creations – Discover all the well-hidden methods and-recipes to make your own veggie “meat” and vegetarian ingredients.

  • The one Chinese-technique you must know to make your own veggie meat
  • Secret recipe to make wontons
  • How to use dough and bamboo to make ribs that look like, taste like real ribs – you’re not going to find this anywhere else

10. Snacks and Small Eats – This is nothing like chips or ice cream. Make your own snacks and small eats that everyone will enjoy.

  • Sichuan secret recipe to make Strange Taste Peanuts – found only in Sichuan province
  • 6 fantastic snacks that you can serve your guests or snack on when you got the munchies
  • The easiest way to make delicious Sweet Rice Rolls

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