Childhood Immunizations and Eczema


Childhood Immunizations and Eczema 


In the last decade, an alarming number of parents did not get their children recommended immunization shots. It is easy to understand, considering the conflicting and confusing news lately. However, as the parent of a child with eczema, it is very important you consider the how immunizations affect the condition.

Other parents may have told you their child suffered a severe eczema flare up after receiving an inoculation. Some non-expert parents theorize that the inoculations themselves caused the eczema to occur in the first place. Hearing this, you may be considering skipping immunizations for your child.

In truth, the issue is not black or white and there is a lot of grey area to consider first. It is known world-wide eczema is the result of a malfunctioning immune system. Although it is still technically a theory, everyday more and more experts and data support the idea that the malfunction stems from not challenging your immune system.

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is most people reading this article do not live under third world conditions which would challenge our systems on a daily basis. Polio and mumps are not something we encounter regularly, if ever. However, these are just some of the illnesses our ancestors had to resist almost daily. We even manage to avoid some of the world’s most common bacteria because of the relatively sterile conditions we live under.

In many cases, an injection or exposure to a passive strain of a major virus is the only chance your child’s immune system has to ever meet a similar challenge. The shot prompts a small immune system reaction and the production of antibodies. You know the immunization is working by the slight soreness and elevated temperature which generally occurs within a few hours of the inoculation.

In children with eczema, there is often an eczema flare up. This reaction does not mean you should avoid future immunizations, it means the immunizations are challenging your child’s system correctly. It is being trained with each inoculation.

Think of it as a pop quiz. Sure, it isn’t on the level of a final exam like being exposed to the real virus in the real world. However, it is a good way to let your child’s body know it should be reacting to viruses, not to eczema triggers like wool or fabric softener.

For a child with existing eczema, a flare up is normal and should be expected. It is a relatively small sacrifice if you compare it to the long term goal. What is the long term goal? Correcting and controlling immune malfunction to prevent the onset of the frequently more severe adult eczema later in life.

On the other hand, giving your child’s immune system a “pop quiz” when it has the opportunity to receive a thorough lesson in correct function is not recommended. While schools and other governments have begun to push the yearly flu shot to avoid absenteeism and related illnesses like bronchitis, you may want to reconsider before you rush your child to the doctor for their annual autumn shot.

Humans are supposed to get the flu. Our immune systems are supposed to learn how to fight the flu. It, in its thousands of variations, are a fundamental building block to immunity. Depriving the immune system of a full-fledge fight by giving it a “pop quiz” inoculation is depriving it of a fundamental challenge it must meet to learn how to react appropriately to real threats and not eczema triggers.

Complications to the flu can generally be avoided with the appropriate rest, hydration, and vigilance. There are simple medications which can relieve symptoms and even fight any secondary complications. As long as you monitor your child and immediately act on any worsening symptoms, you should remain free of the concerns which motivate many fearful parents to get their children flu shots.

Of course, childhood immunizations are just part of your child’s battle with eczema. There are many other factors which can influence how much control you have other the problem. A new ebook, Eczema Free, is available teaching you the fundamentals of eczema and immune system malfunction/retraining. You will also learn how to identify eczema triggers and how to control sensitization. It will give you a precise, step-by-step strategy to overcome eczema, and possibly prevent adult eczema, safely and naturally.

The ultimate decision about immunization is, of course, between you and your child’s doctor. As you can see, there is also the long term problem of eczema to consider. Make sure you know the facts about your child’s eczema and immune system before you make your final choice.

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