Child Custody Strategies and Guidelines For Father or Mother


 Child Custody Strategies and Guidelines For Father or Mother



THIS INFORMATION WILL HELP YOU, AS A FATHER OR MOTHER, MAKE YOUR STRONGEST CASE FOR CUSTODY. It will also directly help protect your children now and in the future. Your children will thank you one day for taking “their best interests” seriously!

It is shocking that many bright, wise, loving—indeed even “savvy”—parents did not know the single most important fact that must be true if one is to prevail in a custody dispute. And this must be the best kept secret in the world, because even extremely intelligent, sophisticated professionals fail to make use of it. Indeed, even attorneys, who themselves as parents are caught up in custody disputes, frequently do not know how to make his single most important factor work for them.

There are fourteen “key behaviors” that differentiate between parents who do well in custody disputes from those who do not. These behaviors are strategically critical.

If you are a parent in a child custody dispute, you must learn to recognize (and deal with) blatantly wrong and immoral strategies that will likely be used against you. To add insult to injury, these strategies can be effective. And in our experience, many attorneys fail to help their clients deal with these tragically effective strategies, because they are more psychological than legal strategies, and attorneys are not often trained either to recognize or deal with them.

Another exceedingly important point is that too many parents do not fully understand all the important things their attorneys should be doing for them. Simply put, many parents do not know what they should ask for.

There are two important strategies that will literally “force” an attorney to do a better job for a client.

One of the saddest situations happens when a child has been bribed or manipulated into turning against the parent–and frequently this parent is the better of the two parents.

And the parent frequently hears what is a sure sign of a bribed or manipulated child, words and sentences that are obviously not of the child’s own creation, but rather from the bitter and vindictive other parent.

Unfortunately, most parents singled out to be the victims of such vitriolic attacks are poorly equipped to deal with them. They start out trying to be calm and loving, but all too soon are worn down by the hurt, frustration and road blocks continuously thrown up when they attempt contacts with the child. They end up either retreating, or counter-attacking—neither of which can lead to a happy outcome. It is essential that parents caught up in this kind of trap learn the four strategies that can be truly effective and helpful in this situation.


Most “self-help” books about child custody are written by an anonymous author (or one using an alias ) with no worthwhile credentials. Dr. Bricklin and Dr. Elliot are two of the top professionals in the field.

WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT HERE? It’s not the money that you pay for your “Strategies” (the whole legal process costs so much that the cost of this publication becomes insignificant in comparison) —it’s the fact that you are relying on Dr. Bricklin and Dr. Elliot to help you get through one of the most complicated, most frustrating, and most gut-wrenching periods in your life.

Since 1989, thousands of fathers and mothers from every state in the United States have relied on the incredible expertise of Dr. Bricklin and Dr. Elliot to get them through what is a very specialized field, with many hidden dangers for men.

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Child Custody Strategies and Guidelines For Father or Mother