Checklist for Wedding – Coming up with a Guest List


Checklist for Wedding – Coming up with a Guest List

How to plan a wedding? No wedding planner, no mom to help (because she’s a little busy at work), no friend to give a hand either. And regarding the groom-to-be, rare is he that offers voluntary help (and if you have one that does, kudos my friend – you’re so lucky!) It’s all you – just you and your pack of unending lists.

Speaking of lists, did you know that your guest list is the second most important (if not the most important) list you will ever need for your wedding? Why? Well, it will become the basis of almost every preparation that you will have to make for your big day – from booking the venues (church or ceremony venue, and the reception) to the catering, invitations and favors, all of which affects your wedding budget.

Drawing up a guest list shouldn’t be too hard … that’s if it was just mainly you who will be doing it. But there are several factors to be considered, so really, you would need the help of your fiancée for this one since it’s his wedding too. Start with your most important people and take it from there.

To help you out, here is the usual (and most common) order of people in guest-list making:

Family. Immediate family and close relatives fall under this category. You really don’t need to invite your whole clan, especially if you have extended families and the like. There’s even no need to invite third or fourth cousins (unless you’re that close to them) – those relatives that you keep in touch with would be more than enough. Remember (always) that you’re working on a limited budget – unless you’re planning to marry a rich duke or earl, then maybe you can invite everyone you know … including the neighbor’s dog.

Close friends. Bestest-best friends automatically occupy the top of this list. These and close buds are those people who’ve been with you in your ups and most especially your downs. No need to invite your entire high school class.

People at work. If you still have some room in your list, you can include the people you work with – maybe your boss and some officemates. (No need to invite all the people in your building though … especially if you or your to-be has an ex who has the potential to disrupt the supposedly happiest event of your lives

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