Cheater Checker Ultimate PC Motoring Software


Cheater Checker Ultimate PC Motoring Software


9 out of 10 women who feel their partner is cheating are correct.

50% of men who feel their partner is cheating are correct.


Most people who are cheating have used their computer to either start the affair, or are using the computer to keep in touch with that person. Many of the people who do this are covering their tracks by deleting browsing history so you never find out, or go one step further and use various programs and tools to cover up their tracks. They think that their wife, husband, or significant other will never find out.

Cheater Checker Ultimate PC Motoring Software was developed with all of these “cheater helper” programs in mind. It is like your own private detective that will take snapshots and record everything that your spouse/significant other does on the PC, whether they try to cover up their tracks or not – it won’t matter.

Thousands of new users like yourself are downloading and using it every single month. And there’s a reason why. It is the most stable, feature rich, and user friendly monitoring software on the market. It’s #1 for a reason. It has been featured on Talk shows, news shows, radio, newspapers… you name it. Find out why we’re the best and try it yourself.


Monitors And Records All Emails

It takes virtual snap shots of emails as they are written and received. It doesn’t matter what email program or service your child uses. It doesn’t matter if the emails are deleted right after they are read or sent.

Monitors And Records All Instant Message/Chats

It takes snap shots of all chats that take place on the PC including all major instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and more. Catch & stop any pedophiles from chatting with your children.

Monitors And Records All Key Strokes

It captures every key typed on your PC. This is an incredible tool, because it captures all keys pressed including any text that is normally hidden, such as passwords. With this information, you can now gain access to ALL of your child’s online email services like hotmail, yahoo and Gmail, and any accounts at MySpace or other social networks.

Monitors And Records All Web Sites Visited

It will record every web site visited on your PC for easy access later. It takes snap shots of the pages being visited and allows you to play them back with VCR/DVD play-like functions. Is your child surfing porn? Are they playing online games when they’re supposed to be doing something else? You’ll now know! Surf through hours of your child’s online browsing in just minutes.

Do All Of This From Anywhere

It allows you to use the built in IRIS feature which emails you everything it is recording, at whatever interval you wish. Does your child get home from school several hours before you do, and you want to see what they are doing on the computer? It allows you to do this.

Block Unwanted Sites

It gives you the ability to review all sites visited and then block any sites you don’t want household members to access. You can even add customized text that your children will see when they try to access the site. Control what your household can and can’t access online.

Completely Hidden

It can run in the open if you so choose, to discourage children from going places they shouldn’t be, or you can also set it to run in stealth mode where it is undetectable. It won’t show up in the program files, running programs, task bar, registry or any other place.

Monitor And Capture Every Program Run On Your PC

It will log every application that is run on your PC. Is somebody launching your accounting software, instant messenger or trying to access your email application? Is your child running music downloading software or potentially putting you at risk by downloading and installing copyrighted applications? Not anymore, at least not without you knowing!

Easy To Install & Use

In less than two minutes you can have it up and running on your PC. In addition, complete documentation is provided that will explain every feature fully.

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Cheater Checker Ultimate PC Motoring Software