Cheap Woodworking Secrets


Cheap Woodworking Secrets


Introducing… Cheap Woodworking Secrets

cheap-woodworking-secrets-coverIn this compact guide, you’ll learn every sneaky trick for picking up shocking deals on every kind of wood and power tool under the sun.

Here’s a preview of what you get…

Modue #1: Cheap-Wood-Secrets

In the first part of the guide, you’ll discover the most closely-guarded-secrets for getting dimensional lumber and high-quality hardwoods-for-cheap – and in some cases, for free!

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The simple trick to get 1,000 square feet of 3/4 inch maple hardwood flooring (much of it birdeye) for just fifty cents per square foot!
  • Two types of beautiful hardwood that get thrown in the dumpster every day of the week – and how to get them thrown into the the back of your pickup truck instead!
  • The rookie mistake “they” make that can provide you with all the premium grade lumber you need for your next project
  • A little-known website where people happily giving away lumber… for free!
  • A near limitless source of free antique timber that you probably pass every day on your way to work!
  • A surprising and plentiful source of cherry, mahogany and oak that’s hiding right under your nose and RIPE FOR THE TAKING

Module #2: Cheap-Tool-Secrets

In the second part of the guide, you’ll learn some very unorthodox tricks for flushing out insane deals on power tools of all kinds.

You’ll discover:

  • The TWO days of the month when Main Street has more-cheap power tools for sale than you’ll know what to do with!
  • The-secret to getting top of the line power tools in like-new condition for up to 80% off
  • The “Sniper Method” for finding folks so desperate for cash they’ll give up their finest power tools for pocket change!
  • Want FREE power tools? Discover the one place to find them
  • How “misspellings” can get you the sander, miter saw, or drill press you’ve been wanting for half the price. You’ll be like a boy at Christmas once you learn this!
  • A simple trick that flushes out hidden power tool deals that NO ONE else can find
  • The one place where you can often name your price on every tool for sale
  • The “Shotgun Method” for flushing out insane deals on every kind of tool under the sun. Use this trick to re-outfit your workshop, buy yourself some early Christmas presents, or flip tools on ebay and craigslist for profit!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Money-Saving Methods For Woodworkers You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

There are plenty of “how to save money” type books out there. Problem is, none of them are written for woodworkers.

The fact is, the methods in this book are simply too cutting edge and too specialized for any mainstream publisher to pay attention to.

How Do I Know This Is Right For Me?

Let me put it this way.

  • If you wince whenever you have to shell out big bucks for lumber…
  • If you “make due” with inferior power tools because it’s all you can afford…
  • If you “go without” certain tools for the same reason…
  • If you limit your-woodworking and carpentry projects for budget reasons…

Then this guide was written just for you.

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