CBPress WordPress Plugin Review


CBPress WordPress Plugin Review


Want your own ClicBank Marketplace? A turnkey website which in 60 seconds allows you to import 2,800 ClickBank products?

ClickBank MarketPlace for WordPressNiche Blogs: CBpress allows users to build FULL ClickBank Marketplaces or create niche CB marketplaces. For example, build a blog around the ‘Relationships’ category or ‘Fitness’ or ‘Online Marketing’. Whatever ClickBank category you choose!

Create Custom Categories: You’re not left with the categories ClickBank offers. You can create your own and populate them with whatever products you want.

Add Custom Products: You don’t just have to promote ClickBank products. Add products from other affiliate networks. Pop in Amazon products, CPA offers — ANY product you want to promote as an affiliate. CBpress is a full affiliate product management system.

Custom Titles and Descriptions: Rewrite ClickBank titles and descriptions to increase conversion rates and improve SEO rankings.

Smart Description Filtering: Smart filtering technology that automatically makes product descriptions more buyer friendly

List Building: List are much like ad blocks. Create custom lists and use the CBpress shortlist button to insert them into your Word Press pages and blog entries. Or use lists as widgets and insert into columns. No more hand-coding!

Custom ClickBank Search Box: CBpress includes a custom search box that let’s users search the entire ClickBank marketplace. Add it to any of your page’s columns.

Auto-syncing: CBpress automatically syncs with your Word Press theme. This saves you loads of time on CSS styling. Simply install, customize your products and you’re off and running!

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These are CBpress’s main features. There are many more. The functionality is superb. I’ve seen a few other ClickBank Marketplace tools but they require you to manually enter CB products or they’re buggy or simply don’t work. They waste time when you should be focused on building your business!

There is nothing out there that allow users to auto-import the entire ClickBank marketplace and then customize. If you want another way to make money from you Word Press blog, or you want to get involved with ClickBank marketing, check out CBpress by CLICKING on the banner below. It’s cost-effective and there is a GREAT BONUS. Highly recommended!


ClickBank MarketPlace for WordPress