Geothermal Heat Pumps: Installation Guide
Home & Garden / 12/20/2015

Geothermal Heat Pumps – Installation Guide A Geothermal Heat Pump WILL Save you thousands in heating and cooling costs, and WILL repay itself many times over. Imagine…Being Able to Save Thousands on Your Home Heating and Cooling Costs, Forever, It’s Now reality… If you are interested in learning about geothermal heat pumps and how to install a system to reduce your electricity bill then this is the perfect resource for you! Geothermal heating and cooling technology provides exceptional performance and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agrees that a geothermal heat pump is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and most cost-effective space conditioning system available. Today’s best geothermal systems outperform the best gas technology, gas heat pumps, by an average of 36% in heating mode and 43% in cooling mode! You can save 25-50% on home electric bills compared to conventional heating and cooling systems. Imagine what you could do with the extra money in your wallet! Installing this technology is definitely a NO BRAINER! There is no doubt that geothermal heat pumps are the Low Hanging Fruit of energy efficiency. What do I mean by this? Well it is a bit like picking apples or oranges off a…

Stink Bug Armageddon – Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Armageddon – Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Stink Bugs   Discover How To Get Rid of Stink Bugs in 4 Easy Steps Without Using Pesticides and Never See One in Your Home Again” Think it’s impossible to get rid of them? Think again. You’ll learn… How to Make Cheap & Effective Homemade Traps (This is fun!) The Easiest Stink-Free Ways to Collect & Dispose of Them How to Prevent them From Getting in Your Home Full Step-by-Step Instructions. No chemicals or pesticides. Forget about spending $100’s on an expensive exterminator. Are you sick and tired of seeing these clumsy, mindless, stinky little terrorists climbing all over your home every fall? Ever tried to get rid of them? Not that easy, is it… Introducing… Stink Bug Armageddon – Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Stink Bugs It takes you by the hand and walks you through the steps necessary catch them, trap them, and prevent them from getting in your home. Here’s what this guide will provide… A clear understanding of why you have stink bugs in your home and how to identify problem areas. Discover how they get in your home and the *7* easiest and most effective…

Secrets To Retiring To Chaing Mai, Thailand

Secrets To Retiring To Chaing Mai, Thailand   Introducing… Secrets To Retiring To Chaing Mai, Thailand We refer to them as “Secrets” as no one else covers all of these topics.. and yet they are essential to your retiring here, finding the best value accommodations and in finding the right Thai girlfriend. Fourteen chapters which cover the most important factors in deciding if to retire here to Chaing Mai, Thailand, how to go about it, what to watch out for, how to live comfortably on less and much more. Accurate up to date information which can be read over in one day and you would know as much about living here as someone who has lived here for 7 years and who is in the business of helping retiree’s settle in to Chiang Mai. The EBook will save you money, save you grief, protect your savings, and enable you to live here on less with a nice Thai lady (if you are a single gentleman). $$$ Save money on your move to Thailand $$$ from knowing how to get the best value accommodations, how to reduce your day to day living costs and yet living comfortably, safely and affordably… A…

Build Shed Plans – 12000 Woodworking Designs
Home & Garden / 12/18/2015

Build Shed Plans – 12000 Woodworking Designs   Attention All Woodworkers! Discover The Secret Resource of Professional Shed Builders – And Build ANY Shed In A Weekend or Less! Start building amazing sheds the easier and faster way! Want To Build Sheds Like These? Woodworking Plans Sold by Big Publishers AREN’T EVEN WRITTEN BY WOODWORKERS! They’re written by ghostwriters who’ve never touched a piece of lumber or a chisel in their LIFE! They could NEVER tell if a step didn’t make sense or not. ONLY someone with EXPERIENCE, building LOTS of projects — AND teaching it to others — would have an clue of exactly what a plan needed to include, so… …You’ll NEVER need to Worry About Cutting the Wrong Size, Spin In Circles or Waste Time Trying To Figure Out What Goes Where… If you’re going to invest the time, money and energy in building a shed yourself… …Then make sure the plan you’re using has EVERYTHING you need to get it done in: The easiest… Most inexpensive , and… The fastest way possible. Introducing… Ryan’s Build Shed Plans Collection – 12000 Woodworking Designs 12,000 “Perfect” Shed Plans So Clear, So Complete, So Easy To Use… The Shed…

DIY Upholstery Repair – How to Upholster
Green Products , Home & Garden / 12/11/2015

DIY Upholstery Repair – How to Upholster   How to upholster your favorite chair or sofa… without going on an upholstery course. Amazing secrets from a professional upholsterer You’re about to discover how to upholster any chair or sofa and restore it to pristine condition… without paying hundreds of dollars to greedy professional upholsterers. Also, you’re going to discover the simple secrets and short-cuts, professional upholsterers use that will save you time and effort when doing your own upholstery. In addition, you’re also going to discover how you’re going to receive a ton of compliments every time family and friends sit down on a chair or sofa you’ve reupholstered. Of course, you could throw out your furniture and buy new…but that would be sacrilege. They don’t make furniture like they used to, do they? These modern mass produced sofas…they just haven’t been built to last. And they lack character. They’ve been thrown together. No real craftsmanship in them is there? And, quite frankly, if you decide to buy new you’ve got the un-budgeted cost of several thousand dollars for a new chair or sofa. And do you want to buy modern furniture when you prefer old traditional furniture? Of course…

Forceful Insecticides & Fertilizers: Home Made Formula
Green Products , Home & Garden / 12/11/2015

Forceful Insecticides & Fertilizers: Home Made Formula   UNLOCK your lawn’s full potential. Imagine knowing, in just a few hours, exactly how to treat your lawn to quickly get ASTONISHING results! Live at home an unforgettable experience. You can’t do better for your lawn. John Perez, professional gardener, finally reveals his Secret Recipes (strictly here only and nowhere else) and why he always refused to sell them to Multinational Companies. (copies have been sent to major schools of horticulture) 50 years ago, John Perez poured on his lawn by mistake, a product that we all have in our kitchens today. Days later, what he saw completely changed his life… He couldn’t believe how fast yellow spots and insects disappeared! Happy with his discovery, he tried over the years, hundreds of product combinations in order to see their effects. From these experiences, he created dozens of recipes that enabled him to fertilize soils and to eliminate insect infestation in indoor and outdoor situations for good… without using commercial products! After years of new improvements, he reveals –FOR YOUR OWN USE– the best recipes to get rid of harmful insects and to transform your lawn into the greenest grass of your dreams….

Geothermal Heat Pump DIY – How To Build Video Guide
Green Products , Home & Garden / 12/11/2015

Geothermal Heat Pump DIY – How To Build Video Guide   NEW Guide on how to build and install a Geothermal Heat Pump. >> Watch A Free Presentation Here << Not only do the Guide show you how to install your DIY Heat Pump, it also show you how to do it Super Cheap. Here’s Some Example Of What’s Inside… – Detailed pictures with every step I’ve made in building the Geothermal Heat Pump – How to build The Ground source loop field. – How to build The Heat Pump. – How to create your pipe welding equipment from a mini electric sandwich maker and a Teflon skillet – How to weld Polyethylene pipe with the DIY device – How to dig 18 feet holes for your loops with a geared DC motor and some hand built equipment – How to test the welds of your loop – How to make your trenches – Handy little tips that I have found along the way that will save you a lot of time (and money). – How everything connects together. – Easy step-by-step instruction that will walk you through the entire process. – Safety issues that you MUST be aware of…

The Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Back Yard BBQ

The Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Back Yard BBQ   Who Else Wants to Discover Simple Secret Recipes for Mouth Watering, Fall Off The Bone Ribs, Chicken & BBQ Sauce So Tasty You’ll Be the Envy of the Neighborhood….” Amazing BBQ recipes so tasty your guests will line up for seconds and talk about it for weeks? Do you love barbeques… the smell of the ribs… the taste of the burgers… and time spent with friends and family? Do you want to grill… but don’t actually know much about it? If so, then you’ve found the right site! Here’s the story… Most people spend on average $300+ for a BBQ grill, $25-$30 for steak, ribs or some other type of meat and then throw it on the grill and cross their fingers! Sometimes it comes out great but most of the time it’s just average, dry or chewy…Sound Familiar? Well that ‘s all about to change.. Your Guest’s Will Line Up For Seconds…Begging For More! Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover… The Secrets of Lo & Slow Smokin for Ultimate Flavor Heat Control: What You MUST Know before you Start Make Your Foods Come Alive with Rubs, Oils…

Build Your Own Barbecue Smoker – Homemade BBQ Plans
Home & Garden / 12/08/2015

Build Your Own Barbecue Smoker – Homemade BBQ Plans   Use this easy to follow homemade BBQ smoker plans and build your own smoker this coming weekend. Right this minute you can download them to your computer, print them and get started. You get:- A full set of drawings with measurements Video guides Comprehensive work instructions explaining every step A full bill of materials A list of the tools required Tips and techniques to help you along the way With these homemade BBQ smoker plans friends and family will marvel at your ability to produce great tasting BBQ from your own hand built smoker. Don’t Waste Money Buying A Smoker. Make Your Own Delicious Hot Or Cold Smoked Food. Enjoy The Satisfaction Of Knowing That You Built It & Cooked It Yourself You can save a stack of money. How much would a smoker of this size and versatility cost you to buy? ……$400?…..$500? probably more. Next weekend you could be smoking a pork butt or side of ribs over a water bath. Or maybe hanging fish to dry and warm smoking them to a beautifully moist and tender finish? Whatever your preference, this smoker has versatility designed into it….

DIY Solar Water Heater
Green Products , Home & Garden / 12/08/2015

You Can Easily Build Your Own Solar Water Heater and Save up to 33% Off Your Electric Bill Every Month While Helping the Environment. Introducing… DIY Solar Water Heater This do-it-yourself guide is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and is extremely affordable! Works in warm and cold climates Will greatly improve your homes energy efficiency Boost performance while reducing electricity usage Works anywhere in the world 100% safe/legal – guaranteed! Get set up for the cheapest, best value price. Enjoy incredible savings on your electric bill. Build it for the lowest price. Similar water heaters cost $1000 and up! This system can be built in as little as a weekend. This easy step by step guide will show you several different plans to build your very own solar water heater system. These plans are easy enough for anyone to follow and will give you the option of how you would like to set it up and install it. You can build an entire system for less than $70. Once installed, you will be saving up to 1/3 of your electric bill each and every month. Solar hot water systems produce clean, non-polluting energy. A single system can offset the…