How to Tame a Feral Cat or Kitten!
Blog / 11/17/2013

How to Tame a Feral Cat or Kitten! By Mary Mathews   With a little patience and time, a feral (or wild) cat can be tamed into a loving pet. Younger cats are more apt to adjust quickly: 6-to-8-week-old kittens typically take two to three weeks to adjust to a domestic environment. Steps: 1. Enclose the cat or kitten in a small space at first – a bathroom or bed-room works best. 2. Turn out the light if the cat is terrified; this often has a calming effect. 3. Put a bed, a litter box, food and water in the room. If the cat is very young (6 to 12 weeks), put her in a large carrier with a grated door and small windows. 4. Spend at least 2 to 3 hours a day with the animal. Just sitting quietly in the same room will allow the cat to learn that you are not a threat. 5. Gently compel the cat to let you touch her. Carefully wrap a blanket around her if you have to, hold her on your lap and pet her. Stroke her coat and touch her ears, face and neck as you talk to her in…

Guitar Speed Training – Beating the Limitations of Speed
Blog / 11/17/2013

Guitar Speed Training – Beating the Limitations of Speed By Tennyson Williams, Author of The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity   When it comes to training for guitar speed, there seems to be a breaking point. When I say breaking point, I mean that it can literally make or break you. I would like to label this breaking point as “the wall”, because a guitarist can make so much progress when training for speed, but then find themselves running into this dreaded stone pillar. Its hard to say exactly where this wall comes into play, and it also has a lot to do with the riff, lick, passage or exercise, but one thing is for sure – its definitely their. If you are a little confused by what I am talking about, it may be because you have never heard of this obstacle. You see, you can make a lot of progress with any exercise, but at some point you will encounter a point where you simply cannot get any faster at that exercise, or so it would seem. I have noticed that with most guitar speed exercises it comes around the 200bpm (beats per minute) mark. Once you reach…

Things that Can Make Laptop Repair a Necessity
Blog / 11/16/2013

Things that Can Make Laptop Repair a Necessity By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   So what exactly does make laptop repair a necessity? While a laptop is built to fairly sturdy specifications, there are still so many things that can go wrong with it. This is because the level of miniaturization involved is so major that when something does go wrong, it is not as easy to fix as in a desktop PC. Most users of desktop PCs are reasonably competent at repairing their computers if something happens to go wrong. This is because computers these days are so modular that fixing them is relatively easy. When laptops first came out this level of modularity was not at first evident. Another thing about laptops is that even though they are just as modular as desktops today, they are still so miniaturized, that issues with them tend to be more serious. For example, if you were to spill a cup of coffee on the keyboard of your desktop PC, you would hardly be overly concerned. The most that could happen in such a case would be that you would have to replace your keyboard. On the other…

Seeing Without Glasses – Swinging the Eyes
Blog / 11/16/2013

Seeing Without Glasses – Swinging the Eyes Strain does a number on the body. It causes tension in the face, neck, shoulders, and spine. Tension for long periods of time can cause body aches and illness. Strain and tension affects the muscles around the eyes as well, causing poor vision and eye problems. Swinging is a method used to loosen up tense muscles in the eyes, spine, shoulders, and neck. Swinging for just five to ten minutes a day can vastly improve your health and eye sight. The process is quite simple too; anyone of any age can do it. First, stand in front of a window with your back straight and feet shoulder length apart. Next, slowly turn the upper body to the right until you are looking at the wall. Now, turn back the other way, past the window, until you are facing the opposite wall. Repeat the process, swinging back and forth in a steady rhythm for five to ten minutes. Each turn should take two to three seconds. While you are swinging your eyes are relaxed. Look out the window and allow your eyes to move slowly and naturally with the rest of your body. Don’t…

How I Benefited From Reset Password Pro- Password Software Hack
Blog / 11/14/2013

How I Benefited From Reset Password Pro Are you like other people who seem to always forget what their passwords are? If you are, then just like me, you have probably experienced those instances wherein you ended up getting frustrated simply because you cannot access your laptop and check important files and documents. Sure, there might be some ways to this, such as answering security questions, but what if you cannot remember what the answers to those questions are? The experience is certainly annoying. Finally, a Solution! In my quest to look for solutions in order to resolve these problems of mine, I came across this software called the Reset Password Pro. I was at first hesitant to try the software thinking that some scammers and hackers would access my account, but after reading all the positive reviews all over the Internet, I realized that this tool might just be the solution to my problem. How it Works So, you might be wondering how this thing works. First of all, you need to go to their site and secure your payment. They accept all major credit cards so there should not be that much problems when it comes to this….

Get the Clutter Out of Your House
Blog / 11/14/2013

Get the Clutter Out of Your House   Far too many of us suffer from cluttered homes. Though we start off with good intentions and our homes might seem manageable when we first move in, somehow over time the story changes and we end up with “stuff” here and there that never seems to get put away. Soon, it reaches the point that it feels like we own far more than our homes are even capable of containing! There are times that we just want to get rid of all the junk that is constantly in the way. However, that is certainly a task that is easier said than done. Even if the entire family is involved in the process, it can still take so long that we often just leave it as it is and hope that we will either stop caring, or that the mess will just magically disappear somehow. Unfortunately, there are many different downsides to keeping a cluttered house. For one thing, no matter how you try to convince yourself that you have an “organized mess”, the fact is that all you really have is a mess. Things take longer to find when you’re sifting through…

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Blog / 11/12/2013

How to Be a Persuasive Salesperson By Michael Lee, Author of How To Be An Expert Persuader If you’re in the business world, perhaps the most challenging part of the entire experience is selling. Indeed, nothing is more nail-biting than waiting for the other party to decide whether he or she agrees with you on the merits of a certain product or not. You will likely go through countless books and spend long hours of research on topics like negotiation training, business plans and strategies, resource management and obviously, selling. But one of the most important tools a salesperson should possess, in order to be successful in selling, is persuasion. First, the attitude of persuasion comes from within. You have to believe and convince yourself that you can sell, and sell a lot! You have to orient and tell yourself that you have the capacity to offer a product or service to someone else; have him need what you’re offering. expert persuader If you cannot develop that sense of persuasion in yourself, then it would be very difficult to become a persuasive salesperson. Develop the attitude and belief of being a persuasive salesperson even to the least of things. How?…

How to Raise Swans – Tips on Raising Swans Like a Pro
Blog / 11/11/2013

How to Raise Swans – Tips on Raising Swans Like a Pro   Most of us who want to learn how to raise swans have one thing in mind: to make them multiply. In fact, when you really want to learn extensively about them, you can go and get advices from a breeder. So when you know, you do not need to worry about their productivity because they breed for life. Like any other bird species, the female mate with males and lay eggs. The females usually do all the reproductive works and you just have to sit back and wait for the hatching course to take place. When the cygnets get out from their egg shells, the parents do their job by accompanying them to their daily habits. They assist them in swimming into the pond or when they need something to eat. For beginners, for you to effectively know this, you will have to find an exclusive area that is conducive for their growth and development. You should also have at least a lake or a man-made pond in your property with fresh and clean water. They also need some guarding fences to keep them away from intruders…

The Conventional Medical Approach To Treating Ovarian Cysts
Blog / 11/11/2013

Disadvantages and Side Effects of The Conventional Medical Approach To Treating Ovarian Cysts   The conventional medical approach to treating ovarian cysts is the most common with many treatment options yet the results are almost always short term and side effects can be nasty. Therefore, more women are turning towards alternative forms of treatment for their condition. Understanding the conventional medical approach: The conventional medical approach to treating ovarian cysts is very simple and straightforward and consists of three stages: Understanding the symptoms: There are certain textbook symptoms of ovarian cysts which include irregular menstruation, pelvic pain, infertility, and more. The patients are asked to keep a tab on these symptoms so that the condition can be diagnosed quickly to prevent potential complications. However, sometimes, they do not give rise to any symptoms. Hence, they can be discovered accidentally during a routine gynecological examination. Diagnosing ovarian cysts: Diagnosing it can be done in several ways. Besides understanding the symptoms of the condition, the practitioner will also make use of an Endovaginal ultrasound, CT scanning, blood tests, Laproscopy and many other forms of tests to confirm his or her prognosis. Similar to the treatment of ovarian cysts, the diagnostic stage of…

Dog Trainer Handbook Review
Blog / 11/10/2013

Dog Trainer Handbook Review   If you’ve been looking for a way to quickly and easily become a professional dog-trainer, then the Dog Trainer Handbook is exactly what you need. You can stop your search because the book, which is brought to you by Sheily B, is really the best option you can find online. We highly recommend this manual to anyone who wants to train-dogs and become a professional dog-trainer in no time! If you’ve been thinking about becoming a dog-trainer then you may have ended up getting a bit stuck and not really known where to start. Well the book gets rid of any questions that you may have had and literally walks you through the process of becoming a professional dog-trainer from home. Think about all the free time you will have to spend with your family, think about all the beautiful-dogs you will meet and be able to train – there are a huge number of benefits to becoming self-employed and becoming a self-employed dog-trainer is even more exciting. The eBook itself covers just about everything you could ever want to know about becoming a dog-trainer including how to find out if you really have what…