How to End Constipation?
Blog / 09/16/2014

How to End Constipation? Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.   Constipation is a big problem in the western world. According to the medical community, constipation is defined as having 1 bowel movement every 2 to 3 days. But as holistic health care professionals, we know that’s absolute nonsense! For optimal health, you should be passing 2-3 bowel movements each day! Anything less is considered constipation. If you’ve ever had a colon cleanse, good for you. If not, you need to read the following important information regarding constipation and colon health. What Causes Constipation? Constipation is usually a result of years of abusing your digestive system through poor food choices and not listening to your body. Chronic intake of foods that irritate your digestive and intestinal system eventually causes them to function at a sub-optimal level. For instance, non-foods like coffee, refined sugar, alcohol, and other processed foods stress your colon and digestive system and eventually hinder their function. For optimal colon health, the goal should be to remove these irritating foods and provide your system with nutrients that will allow it to heal and function as it should. Being constipated can also come about by…

Electric Car Conversion
Blog / 09/16/2014

Electric Car Conversion By Les and Jane Oke, Authors of Build Your Own Electric Car   It isn’t really a complicated process to do an electric car conversion, but you will need to obtain certain specialized parts. You will need: an electric motor, deep cycle batteries, a controller, a battery charger, an adaptor kit, and various other small parts. But first, you are going to need a vehicle that you can do your project with. Any vehicle can be used for this project, but some work better than others. Heading the list are small cars and trucks, as they are light and strong. Your first consideration as shown in the detailed plans is to find the lightest vehicle that will still do the job of hauling you and whatever cargo you carry around. Next, you will want a large DC motor that will produce power for your project. The larger the motor, the more power your electric car will have. Don’t worry that it will be slow either. Many people have the wrong impression of electric cars; they accelerate as fast as any vehicle on the road and travel at least 50 mph. What about batteries? You will need to…

Complete Private Pilot Training Course Review
Blog / 09/16/2014

Complete Private Pilot Training Course Review   Ever since I was a child, I always dreamed of flying. In fact, I even planned on applying for the Air Force in order for me to fly jets. However, I never did get that chance and for many years, my dream of flying never did come true. I still did want to fly but I didn’t have the money to get extensive formal flying lessons. In fact, I still have a hard time producing enough money every month to pay for rent for my apartment in the city. Now, what more for flying lessons? I also have a friend who is now a private pilot and has a license for it. After meeting with him, he told me about the Complete Private Pilot Training Course and he told me that this is where he learned how to fly and how he got his private pilot license. At first I was really skeptical but I decided to give it a try. Besides, this may be my last chance of learning how to fly a plane or a helicopter for that matter. Once I started learning how to fly using this program I found…

Some Things You Must Know If You Want To Go In For Laptop Repair
Blog / 09/14/2014

Some Things You Must Know If You Want To Go In For Laptop Repair By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   Knowing about laptop repair is important. There are a good many advantages and disadvantages to using a laptop. The advantages are easy enough to enumerate. Laptops offer supreme mobility and a compact size that a desktop cannot match. On the other hand a laptop is much harder to upgrade, if it is not downright impossible to do so. However, there are other disadvantages to a laptop as well. For one thing, the very compactness and miniaturization of a laptop makes it difficult, if not impossible to repair, at least by a user. The user who carelessly opens his laptop without knowing much about it might well be left with stray screws that he has no place for when he tries to put it back together again. My point is that you should not attempt laptop repair without some basic idea of what you’re doing. On the other hand, it’s not hard to acquire some basic knowledge of laptop repair that will serve you in good stead. There are lots of tutorials and some very good books…

How Does CPA Affiliate Marketing Work?
Blog / 09/14/2014

How Does CPA Affiliate Marketing Work?   CPA or otherwise known as “Cost-Per-Action” marketing is one of the simplest methods for a beginner to start making fast and easy money online! For years, this type of internet marketing was thought to be an “Insider Secret” that only the big players knew about. In fact, it was never really a secret at all. Most affiliates were too busy promoting traditional offers for commissions while the big kahunas were cashing in on a whole different level! This CPA affiliate style marketing requires consumers to complete specific actions in order for you to get paid. A few typical actions could be filling out a form for a free product, or signing up for a free trial for a sample product. In some cases, it involves asking the consumer to fill in their information to receive a free sample along with a small shipping fee. So exactly how does this work and, more importantly, how do you get paid! As the offer promoter, you get paid when your web visitor performs a specific action. As a basic example, let’s say a company in a given CPA network wants to collect feedback on a new…

3 Ridiculous Tricks to Make Him Ache with Pure Love for You
Blog / 09/14/2014

3 Ridiculous Tricks to Make Him Ache with Pure Love for You   Step 1 – Trigger a sense of positive discomfort in his mind. You must be thinking – Wait a minute! How can discomfort be positive and why would I want to make a guy uncomfortable? Well, there is an age old psychological concept which states that as humans we value the very thing we have to work hard for. Men specially are genetically programmed to value the very thing which isn’t easy to attain. Now I am not saying that you should play hard to get and make him run after you. That concept is a myth and can actually turn a guy completely off. What I am talking about is a cocktail of pleasure and discomfort mixed in together. It basically means that you make him feel 90% pleasure mixed with 10% discomfort. This cocktail creates an intense sense of passion within a man’s body that is just hard to control. This tunes up his emotional intensity towards you and he feels this hot, raw and intense love for you which is addictive and almost irreplaceable. In fact, this concept works so well that he will…

Natural Skin Whitening Treatments – Best Solution for Dark Spots
Blog / 09/14/2014

Natural Skin Whitening Treatments – Best Solution for Dark Spots Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy skin that will glow all day long. Yet, most of the times the skin betrays us, leaving everyone to see our age as well as the hardships we had to face along the time. The skin tells everyone if there is any disease hidden inside or if the body is just not functioning right. At the same the skin is the first line of defense against external factors, thus bruises, rashes or sunburns appear more or less often on it. This is why it is highly important to know how we can take care of our skin so that it remains fresh, clean and healthy all the time. There are many chemical products claiming to successfully manage to keep the skin in good condition regardless of the external or internal factors which may influence the way the skin looks. While this may be true, these products are either too expensive or have some hidden side effects which may further damage the layers of skin. The only products which are capable of offering great treatment and protection for the skin are the products made home…

Yeast Infection Cure Kit Review
Blog / 09/14/2014

Yeast Infection Cure Kit Review   Are you sick of treating only the symptoms but never stopping the disease from coming back? Are you tired of this recurring disease? Do they come far too often, leaving you alone, in pain and misery, while the world passes you by? It can be treated in less than 24 hours with just a few simple techniques. Yeast lives naturally on all of our bodies. They love to live in warm, moist areas like the vaginal area – though they can be found in other areas like under the breast or around the mouth. Normally, its levels on our bodies have little concern to our health – in fact, it’s considered perfectly normal to have it in these areas. However, when its level gets out of control, it causes itchiness, burning sensations, or even a discharge with a cottage cheese texture. These highly uncomfortable symptoms can wreak havoc on our daily lives. It not only makes working in peace incredibly difficult, but it also puts us all in a generally foul mood. So, we go to the local market and get an over-the-counter medication, and again place weird chemicals into our body for days…

How Do Magnets Help in Treating Diseases?
Blog / 09/14/2014

How Do Magnets Help in Treating Diseases?   One of the best known branches of Naturopathy is magnetic therapy, a kind of treatment which involves dealing with certain health problems by using magnets. The reason for which this method is effective is because each and every person is loaded with magnetic energy. When the body contains the necessary amount of energy, it functions properly and it is deprived of most diseases and conditions. Yet, when the amount of magnetic energy is starting to get lower, body becomes more vulnerable to all damaging external factors. This is when the magnets become highly useful. By applying the magnets of one pole or of both poles on the affected area, the condition is treated, or at least alleviated and the body’s magnetic power is being restored, fact which eventually leads to the rapid recuperation of the individual. The mechanism according to which these magnets affect the human body and treat the diseases is quite simple. By applying the magnets onto specific parts of the body, the iron salts are attracted. This results in a better local blood circulation, which has as ultimate effect treating the inflammations, pains or stiffness experienced by the individual….

How To Start Raising Turkey and What You Need
Blog / 09/11/2014

How To Start Raising Turkey and What You Need   Raising turkey are rather relatively easy to start, unless you want to whole herd, perhaps just one or two for your holiday dinner is going to work. It’s time to raise them for the holidays, and because they’re relatively easy if you have a bit of space you can raise several together and then sell the other ones to pay for your own turkey. You’ll need a convenient pen for raising them, as they need warmth, food and water as will as vitamins and certain nutrients. Raising them is always easier when doing it more than one bird at a time, not only are they a likely eat better, but also they more comfortable in flocks, and in the wild you’ll see a flock hanging out. So get three to five when you begin your growing experience, that way if you lose one or two you’ll still have a couple to get to maturity for your holidays. You want a climate controlled pen or shelter for your young turkeys. You’ll have to fill it full of soft flooring, give them a heat source such as a red heat lamp, as…