Puppy Potty Training Using Dog Litter Boxes
Blog / 03/15/2015

Puppy Potty Training Using Dog Litter Boxes   My two dogs love going outside for exercise and play but only if the weather is nice. If there is bad weather like snowstorms or heavy rain showers, they don’t want to go out at all and I don’t blame them. The good thing is that unlike most other canines that have to go out to do their business at least two to three times per day in all sorts of weather conditions, my two dogs can stay in if the weather is rotten out there. This is because both of my dogs went through puppy potty training using dog litter boxes. Right from day one when I got them at ten weeks of age, they were both introduced to dog litter boxes. This method of puppy potty training has become more and more popular each year as pet stores are stocking specialized litter and pans made especially for canines. No More Bad Weather Dog Walks Up here in Canada, the winters can get really cold, windy, wet and just miserable. It’s certainly not something to look forward to each morning if you have to get up and take your dog outside…

A Few Keys to Efficient Golf Practice
Blog / 03/14/2015

A Few Keys to Efficient Golf Practice   Whether it’s in baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis or any other sports that involves a ball, there is a feeling of immense satisfaction and pride that comes from hitting the ball solidly. Nowhere does this apply more than in golf, where the small ball goes where it wants on anything but a solid shot. If you want to hit the ball solidly on a consistent basis, the only way is through practice and more practice. Though you may not think so, the best time to practice is right after a round. Everything that didn’t work for you during the round is fresh in your mind, and your body and mind are ready to go. Failure to work consistently on the shots that regularly give you the most trouble means your game won’t soon improve. The key to maximizing your efficiency in practice is creating ‘real’ situations. Ideally, you would mirror what happened in your round and employ your best swings. Also work on hitting balls from every bad lie you can think of. Obviously, it’s extra important to practice if you haven’t played for a while. Boost your game further by visualizing a…

What Is An Ovarian Cyst? What Causes Ovarian Cysts?
Blog / 03/14/2015

What Is An Ovarian Cyst? What Causes Ovarian Cysts?   An ovarian cyst is an accumulation of fluid within an ovary that is surrounded by a very thin wall. Any ovarian follicle that is larger than approximately two centimeters. These can range widely in size; from being as small as a pea to larger than an orange – in rare cases these can become so large that the woman looks pregnant. The majority of ovarian cysts are benign (harmless). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA, most premenopausal women and up to 14.8% of postmenopausal women are found to have ovarian cysts. They typically occur most frequently during a female’s reproductive years (childbearing years). However, ovarian cysts may affect a woman of any age. In some cases, these cause pain and bleeding. If the cyst is over 5 centimeters in diameter it may need to be surgically removed. There are two main types: Functional ovarian cysts – the most common type. These harmless cysts form part of the female’s normal menstrual cycle and are short-lived. Pathological cysts – these are cysts than grow in the ovaries; they may be harmless (benign) or cancerous (malignant). What is…

Dental Tips You MUST Be Aware of!
Blog / 03/14/2015

Dental Tips You MUST Be Aware of!   Alice Barnes, author of the brand new and revolutionary ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program, shares with us several shocking truths about oral hygiene, which I’m sure you’ve never even heard of. First off, do NOT brush your teeth after consuming any acidic or sugary food products; doing so will damage your enamel, causing it to erode and increasing the likelihood of cavities. After consuming acidic or sugary food products, your enamel becomes weak and soft due to demineralization; when you brush your teeth at its current state, you’re thinning and wearing off the enamel. Secondly, you should brush your teeth softly with your toothbrush. Most people aren’t aware that when they are doing it aggressively, it’s wearing off their enamel, and also, causing their gums to recede. You should only use light, gentle brushing motion, taking care over each tooth. Lastly, you should only get the softer bristled brushes. The softer, the better. Thirdly, avoid using teeth-whitening or ‘stain removal’ toothpaste daily. These products contain bleach and other chemicals, which are simply too abrasive for everyday use. Most individuals make the mistake of purchasing these products and using them as an everyday-use toothpaste….

Dirty Talk Secrets – Book Review
Blog / 03/14/2015

Dirty Talk Secrets – Book Review   Michael Webb’s newest book to his ever-growing collection is a book called “Dirty Talk Secrets: the ultimate guide to sexy talk”. But does this ebook really live up to the hype by teaching you how to talk dirty to your partner? Let’s find out… Quite frankly, what would you want from a book like this? You’d want some ideas of what to say in bed, plus maybe some confidence-boosting advice. And that’s what you get. The ebook starts out by explaining that dirty talk is, in fact, okay. Quoting a few passages from the bible and some fundamental ‘why dirty talk is good’ stuff. The rest of the book is filled with all sorts of ideas of dirty phrases – ranging from calm to extreme. It also provides you with phone sex advice. Plus the email and text message phrases and ideas are a nice touch too. However, maybe the most interesting and surprising part of the book is the last section in which a female writer provides her perspective on the topic in a very very interesting way. In this review, I’ll leave this one as a surprise for you. 😀 All…

9 Tips to Keep a Conversation Going
Blog / 03/14/2015

9 Tips to Keep a Conversation Going By Bobby Rio, Creator of Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy   As we all know by now, talking to a beautiful woman who you’ve never met before is one of the harder things you’ll have to do. In fact, so much of your energy is put into trying to psyche yourself up to talk to her, that a lot of the time you get there with nothing to say, leaving nothing but awkward silence between you after your initial, “Hi.” Never fear! By following the following tips you’ll be able to avoid those awful moments of silence. Tip 1: Improvise with the conversation One way to quickly end a conversation is by answering any questions she may ask with a simple “yes” or “no”. Instead, you should answer with a longer answer that could lead to more dialogue. For example, if she asks what you like, instead of saying something simple like “I like baseball” make it a longer answer like “I like baseball because it reminds me of when my dad used to take me to Yankees games as a kid”. Suddenly, you’ve not only offered a little bit more about…

Keyword Elite Software – Review
Blog / 03/14/2015

Keyword Elite Software – Review   Keyword Elite 2.0 is the new product from Brad Callen, a person who has created some powerful software before this as well. Here are some of its features. There is just a one time fee of $197 and no monthly fees to do your research. You can use it to search in all three major search engines Google, Yahoo & MSN. It shows you a huge list of profitable keywords. See different profitable Adwords campaigns and copy what they are doing and find JV partners online using the JV Diamond Miner You can create your initial keyword list by adding long tail and short tail keywords using this program. After you have created a list you can filter out the keywords in all the different ways that are used. It will be possible for you to use Ask.com, Google Suggestion Tool, Meta Tags and Free Keywords to get ideas. With this program you can find out how competitive a specific keyword is in each of the paid “pay per click” search engines, such as, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing (MSN). You don’t have to worry about creating your own marketing strategy, by…

Suspension Revolution – Product Review
Blog / 03/14/2015

Suspension Revolution – Product Review   Product Description: Suspension training is the brainchild of TRX, a company dedicated to fitness. It is one of the most effective training methods around and suspension training has taken the fitness world by storm. One of its issues is that you needed a trainer to show you how to do it. Most of the time the trainer had to be qualified and that would mean having to pay them more. Most people just want to do it on their own and not fork out more money over and above a gym membership. The TRX suspension trainer can even be hung at home so a gym membership is not even required for this super effective method. If you doubt this training’s efficacy, you should be aware that Navy SEALs use this method to train. Convinced? Of course you are. Now how do you do it if you don’t have a trainer to teach you? The Suspension Revolution. That’s how. Created by Dan Long, this is probably the best program you can ever hope to get. The internet is full of hyped up products that promise the world from slabs of muscle to getting ripped in…

What Can I Do to Improve My Hearing
Blog / 03/14/2015

What Can I Do to Improve My Hearing By Mike Tucker, Creator of Improve Your Hearing Naturally   There is one question we get asked a lot and that is “what can I do to improve my hearing“. If you are suffering from some form of hearing loss here is some information you may find useful. New research shows that you can use natural methods to improve it. Unless you have severe hearing loss, you can use these methods to treat and even reverse hearing loss in most mild to moderate cases. There are certain supplements, vitamins, herbs and other natural substances you should be using. In fact, not taking certain supplements and vitamins will enable it to deteriorate even further. Just like the way your bones lose mass as you age the tiny bones in the inner ear also begin to shrink and deteriorate. This also applies to the tiny hair cells in the inner ear which you need for proper hearing. If you are suffering from what is called age related ear problem this may be the reason why. Did you know it is not normal and should not happen in most cases? The modern diet lacks many…

Tips to Dry Out Angular Cheilitis
Blog / 03/12/2015

Tips to Dry Out Angular Cheilitis   Treating Angular Cheilitis may be a challenge for those who have to cope with this condition mainly because the cracks and lesions which appear in the skin need to be moisturized so that they no longer extend, while moisturizing the area means creating a proper environment for the bacteria to grow and develop faster. Thus, if you want to kill the bacteria you will have to dry the skin, while drying it means more cracks, thus more pain and an aggravation of the problem. Thus, what are the solutions which will make it go away in a short period of time and without causing any more pain? First of all you will have to give back your skin the elasticity it needs in order to avoid further cracking. Because you cannot do that from the outside, you will have to do it from the inside, that is drink plenty of water, so that your skin will be hydrated enough and will not crack any longer. You will also have to take some iron and vitamin B supplements. This will fortify your body and will help you fight this condition much more effectively. You…