How to Teach Your Cat to Come When Called
Blog / 03/29/2012

How to Teach Your Cat to Come When Called By Mary Mathews   To have your cat come when called by name is remarkably easy though it takes an understanding of the process. Here are some tips to get you started: STEPS: 1. Talk to your cat as much as you can. Encourage her to come to you, and regularly pet her and brush her. Bonding is very important, cat massage, baths and generally being on good terms is important. 2. Pick a special dry snack that she likes. It must be different to her regular dry food and only used for this (don’t give it to her at any other time until she’s mastered this). Make certain it is nutritious. I suggest a dry, crunchy snack that is also good for the teeth. 3. Pick a special word, such as “snack” or “treat.” It must be a word she will associate only with the special snack. This is creating an “anchor” (a trigger). 4. Use your special word during her next snack time. In her presence, place one piece of the food in her empty dish and say the special word. 5. Say the word again (and be sure…

Common Natural Healing Herbs
Blog / 03/23/2012

Common Natural Healing Herbs   Before the advent of medicine and pharmaceutical drugs as we know it now, herbs have been used as remedies or treatment for a lot of illnesses. What we do not know is that we have herbs growing in our gardens that are natural healing herbs. In some cases, these herbs may be so common, we mistake them to be weeds sprouting everywhere. Here are some common natural healing herbs and their uses: St. John’s Wort is a very popular herb used as a remedy for depression because of its soothing properties. It can also be used to soothe burns while extracts from its flowers can be used as an antiviral agent, a sedative or as an astringent. It can also be used to remedy varicose veins, hemorrhoids and cuts. Lawn Daisy. The sap from its stem can be used to clear skin spots. The flower can also be made into an infusion consisting of 1 teaspoon dried flower to 1 cup water, boiled for 5 minutes and strained. This can then be used as a skin wash to treat eczema. However, caution should be taken because lawn daisy can aggravate allergies in some people. White…

Flat Bottom Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages
Blog / 03/20/2012

Flat Bottom Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages   When decided on boat hull designs, the biggest decision you’ll be facing would probably be on the shape of the hull and of course, the design itself. But even more importantly would be addressing the advantages and disadvantages of the type of boat hull you’ve chosen. Here are two of the common advantages in going with a flat bottom boat hull design: They are extremely stable in waters that are calm and function best at low rates of speed. They are excellent boats for fishing expeditions because of the created shallow draft. The two significant disadvantage of choosing flat bottom boat hull designs are: They make for a very rough ride and riding at a high rate of speed is totally out of the question. They are not design to driven in rough weather. Rough weather tends to create a rough ride, so you do the math. In any event, there are some very unique factors to consider when choosing the proper hull design for your idea boat. If you’re planning on doing a lot of fishing in shallow water like streams and lakes then flat bottom designs should…

Angular Cheilitis – Definition, Causes and Treatment
Blog / 03/20/2012

Angular Cheilitis – Definition, Causes and Treatment   Angular Cheilitis is also known under the name or cheilosis or angular stomatitis. This condition affects the skin around the lips leading to painful cracks most often in the corners of the mouth. In severe cases, the cracks can become inflamed, can bleed and sometimes infections are developed inside those cracks, which can make normal and banal actions, like talking or eating, a painful nightmare for the sufferer. In most cases there is a cumulus of factors which lead to this condition. Probably the most important factor is the presence of moisture inside the mouth’s folds. This moisture favors the accumulation of bacteria which will eventually lead to irritation and even infection. Shallow ulcerations are also very often in severe case, these forming a crust if they are not wiped out from the surface. Apart from moisture inside the corners of the mouth and in its folds, the bad nutrition is also a factor which can trigger this condition. The lack of iron, zinc and riboflavin as well as a strong immune system that could effectively fight this type of aggression coming from the external world favor its fast development. Chapped lips,…

Real Estate Investing Learning: What’s a REIA?
Blog / 03/19/2012

Real Estate Investing Learning: What’s a REIA? by Barry Have you joined your local REIA yet? What is a REIA you ask? It’s your local Real Estate Investment Association, also called a real estate investment club. It’s probably the best bargain you’ll ever find for learning real estate investing. I’m lucky, in my area there are two REAIs, and both are very active. I’m most involved in the newest club, which was started only a few months ago and already has over 250 members. The purpose of the club is to provide networking and learning opportunities for its members. It’s a great place for Real Estate Jobbers to get started. You will meet lots of Investors who will be anxious to get the types of leads you are providing. They’ll be more than willing to help you get started, if you are willing to put forth the necessary effort. Networking is one of the REIAs greatest strengths. You get to mingle with the pros in an educational, yet casual setting. These are like-minded people that are making their living investing in real estate. No one will tell you that you can’t do it. It’s very motivational. Fun and Informative Meetings…

A Simple Way To Increase Your Sexual Control You Can Use TONIGHT!
Blog / 03/16/2012

A Simple Way To Increase Your Sexual Control You Can Use TONIGHT!   Good things are happening in the world of men’s health and fitness – and they’ve been slowly improving for a while now. A perfect example of the kind of positive progress I’m referring to is in the subject of male sexual health, namely: premature ejaculation. That’s quite a daunting, almost terminal-sounding term. But in essence, all it really means is that your performance in bed – its length in minutes, or maybe even seconds – isn’t something you’re happy with. If you’ve recognized that your sexual abilities aren’t quite up to scratch and have therefore decided to seek an answer to the problem (a way of massively improving your lasting power FOREVER) then you’re already way, way ahead of most guys who share the same concerns as you over their love-making prowess. And let’s face it: what guy WOULDN’T love to quickly and permanently boost their sexual skills? So, what do most men already know about how to extend sex? Well, I suppose there’s the old classic: taking your mind off it. You can think of non-sexual things, like dead animals, or perhaps try difficult mental arithmetic….

Raising Tips: Give your Chicken Treats
Blog / 03/16/2012

Raising Tips: Give your Chicken Treats   Like children and adults, chickens also need treats that will motivate them to live healthy and happy. But! Unlike children and adults, the treats for chickens are different and are more nutritious. Compared to human treats that mostly comprises of chocolates, candies, and other sweets, chicken treats are more on veggies and fruits. Yogurt is a classic favorite of them birds. They are tasty and are very good to the intestines. This is also a good source of calcium that can contribute greatly to the structure and health of the eggshell. But the most favorite and is very popular among every living chicken is the worm! They will eat it so fast and not a single evidence of it will linger. Chickens, even with puny brains, have in it the command to like or dislike a certain treat. Below are some of the things that in general, chickens will come running for. If the first one didn’t work, scratch it off then proceed to the next. Bon appetite! Apple May come in raw type or in applesauce. The seeds contain a small amount of cyanide but it’s so small that it can’t affect…

Can Separation Save A Marriage?
Blog / 03/15/2012

Can Separation Save A Marriage?   Sometimes, married life may become extremely stressful and the couple may find it miserable to live together. When this happens, some couples wish to have a trial separation which may help to work through the difference between both the partners. In some cases, separation is prohibited by cultural or religious rules and they prefer to live apart though legally remaining married. The question is that can separation save a marriage and does it really work? There two ways of marriage separation, either informal separation or legal separation. Generally, informal separation is what you both agree by a mutual understanding. There is a formal division of the property, arrangements about possession of cars, credit cards and bank accounts. A legal, formal separation is more complicated, permanent and expensive. People undergoing the process of legal separation go through time, pain and expense. Generally, separation is not the first step to save a marriage. Many couples first try to participate in marital counseling which may help to work through the differences. Some couples seek out an advice from the friends, family or religious leaders. Many people are successful in resolving their marital problems after participating in couple…

Picking Up Women: How to Make Easy, Fun Conversation
Blog / 03/14/2012

Picking Up Women: How to Make Easy, Fun Conversation By Rachel Davis, Author of Conversation King   There are two main ways in which we communicate with others: non-verbal communication and vocal/verbal communication. You probably already know a little about the non-verbal side of things, such as the types of body language that silently signal someone’s nervous, excited or angry. But how about the more obvious but actually less frequently discussed topic of verbal communication: how what we say and how we say it impacts on our lives and goals? That’s the subject we’re going to look at today. Except we’re going to a get a little more specific and delve into how a guy can make easy, fun conversation with a woman, that helps lead to attraction and sexual chemistry between the two of you. Let’s first get a grasp on a few pieces of background information. First off, how do most men make conversation with a woman they’re attracted to? What do they do right, wrong or completely miss out from their talks with the opposite sex? The best way to answer these questions is simply to identify the mistakes the majority of men out there make –…

Several Ways to Achieve Vision Improvement
Blog / 03/14/2012

Several Ways to Achieve Vision Improvement   We are living in the age of self improvement and so it is no surprise that many people are no longer willing to accept the fact that they must wear glasses and are seeking ways to achieve vision improvement. This means that eye exercises which are able to naturally improve your vision have become particularly popular. Certainly for those who wear glasses the possibility of being able to throw away their glasses is an enticing one. This is more so when we consider the fact that there are eye exercises available which are safe and without risk. Two particularly popular eye exercises are the Pinhole Glasses Eye Exercises and the Bates Eye Exercises. The Pinhole Glasses Eye Exercises are particularly suitable for those who have a busy agenda as this exercise consists of simply wearing the pinhole glasses for a minimum period of fifteen minutes per day. In fact Pinhole Glasses were already in used before prescriptive lenses came into being. They consist of an opaque material such as metal or plastic and have a series of pin sized perforations. This allows the elimination of the scattering of light to the retina, which…