Why Use a Boat Kit When You Can Design Your Own?
Blog / 09/09/2012

Why Use a Boat Kit When You Can Design Your Own?   D-I-Y, these are the three most important letters in the life of craftsmen, builders or designers worldwide. Why go with a boat kit when you have hands made to design, build and restore? Besides there are obstacles you can run into with boat kits that you may not encounter when you do it yourself. There are so many possibilities to mix-and-match with when designing boats yourself. It could be a little time consuming and taxing for one person but if you’re a family man, the satisfaction in completing a boat would be priceless. The first order of business would be deciding on what type of boat design you have your sights on. Before embarking upon a task you want to make certain that everyone is aboard the ship and no one plans to jump overboard once the decision has been made over a boat kit. Designing and building your own boat has tremendous benefits that will prove to be both priceless and satisfying. Once you have gotten pass the research of searching online for boat designs, plans and whatnots. You are now well on your way to building…

Improving Vision
Blog / 09/09/2012

Improving Vision   There is no doubt that we are living in the age of self improvement. We are always looking at ways to better ourselves as well as to improve our health. Certainly those who suffer from eye problems often look at methods of improving vision. One simple way of improving vision is to take a careful look at your diet. A well balanced diet is fundamental for good eye health. Essential fatty acids are extremely important as are antioxidants and foods containing beta carotene. It is no myth that rabbits can see in the dark, due to their large consumption of carrots. Carrots are abundant in beta carotene and do actually improve vision, particularly night vision. Other foods that are extremely beneficial for the eyes are blueberries. British pilots during the second word war began to notice that they could see better during night flights if they had eaten blueberries or blueberry jam. Scientists began to investigate this and concluded that blueberries are indeed super foods for the eyes. Of course we all know that stress is counterproductive and that it can have an extremely adverse effect on our everyday health. Well, this is likewise for eye health….

5 Features Boat Design Software Must Have
Blog / 09/08/2012

5 Features Boat Design Software Must Have   Boat design software is essential for anyone who is interested in building boats. It reduces work and assists in the actual making of the boat. There are many different kinds of software to help design boats available in the market; but not all of them deliver the same results and are not of the same quality. Here, you will learn the top 5 features that boat design software must have to help you along the way of building it. It should allow for you to add background images while designing the boat. Having a background image as a blue print of the boat helps a lot, since it gives clear directions of how the boat model should look. You can also compare the path you are following with the shape and design- the model conveys. It must have the most realistic and complex water simulation and resistance calculation. This means that you will be able to see the model boat on virtual water and how it acts in certain situations. You do not have to spend lots of time testing the actual model or make thousands of calculations, because the software will…

Why Do People Use 3D Boat Design Software?
Blog / 09/07/2012

Why Do People Use 3D Boat Design Software?   The answer to this question should be productivity and efficiency. Nowadays, everything is becoming computer- oriented so they can be done easily and with comfort. The works that would have taken days or even months can now be done in minutes or hours. The same reason goes for 3d boat design software. A lot of people are using them more and more these days. Saving time means saving money and a 3d boat design software will save you a tremendous amount of time. Most of the packages come with default factory designs and templates which can be modified to give the desired shape. This even takes the process a few steps further. These original models can also be used as learning materials for boat design. A boat design requires hours of calculation which is very tedious and sometimes troublesome. Sometimes there are errors in calculations and if they’re not noticed at an early stage, the whole work will be a total waste of time and money. This software has a built in calculation system to determine the sheering stresses, and bending moments. They can give, at any time, the sheer force…

Stages of Grief After the Affair
Blog / 09/07/2012

Stages of Grief After the Affair By Kajay Williams   We all face certain losses or even betrayals on a daily basis. Some of them are so small that we hardly notice them – and some of them are so huge that they have the potential to devastate a marriage. Following a bereavement or a traumatic life event, we often go through a number of stages of grief – and understanding these stages of grief can be the first step in healing. Once you understand each stage of grief, you can better put your emotions into perspective and view them as an outsider would. This can help you to come to terms with what you are dealing with – allowing you to move on more quickly. These are the general stages of grief that most individuals will experience following the discovery of an affair. Denial and Disbelief Probably the first thing to cross a betrayed spouse’s mind when they find out about their partner’s affair is “How could this be happening to me? This can’t be true. I don’t believe it.” This is your mind’s way of trying to protect you against the betrayal – a “numb” feeling that will…

Important Information on Feeding Raised Chickens
Blog / 09/07/2012

Important Information on Feeding Raised Chickens   Chickens can eat almost everything from meat to vegetables. You can give them dog food and they’ll peck it with full gusto. You can give them pig food and they’ll eat it without hesitation. Chickens are cleaners of garbage tidbits. They can even wipe out every insect, worm, or anything little and more vulnerable than they are. The good thing about raising chickens in your backyard is that it needs no feeding qualifications other than vitamins and boosters. Grains can also be fed to your chickens. Scraps of food bits and peelings can also be fed. You see, feeding isn’t that hard for as long as you save some of those leftovers for your poultry to feed on. Chickens are also intelligent for they know when the bucket of treats is ready for lunch. You can feed your chicken in many ways. You can either put it in a container that is big enough to accommodate their number during mealtime. Scattering their food isn’t also a bad idea without the worry that it will go to waste and remain scattered. Bones with tiny bits of meat are also their favorite. Now, when it…

Boat Plans for the Foils of Your Boat
Blog / 09/06/2012

Boat Plans for the Foils of Your Boat   Making the foils on your boat can be a bit hard. You need to have precision. Why use pre-engineered boat plans for fabricating the foils on your boat? There are specifics that are important remember when it comes to the manufacture of the foils of your boat. Here we detail some of those items. When you go to put in the foil on your sail boat the rule of thumb is to remember that the foil should be about four percent. Four percent of what you ask? Well it should take up four percent of your sail area. You must have some of the other details for various structural items accurately in place for the foil to be designed properly. The centerboard should be covered. When you look at your measurements it should look like this. For every square foot that you use on the centerboard would be every forty square feet of what is known as sail area. This can help you to remember accurate measurements for boat plans. Depending on the boat will tell you which boat plan you need for your foil. Each boat is different. It’s just…

Quick Guide to Reading Boat Plans
Blog / 09/05/2012

Quick Guide to Reading Boat Plans   Reading a boat plan can get pretty tricky. If you don’t know what you are doing that is. But with boat plans, there are so many people out there that can help you it’s not even funny. If you aren’t sure how to read your boat plans then you have come to the right place. Let’s see if we can’t help you. The first part to remember is that the boat plan is all about lines and points. These lines and points are at direct angles and so forth. On the boat plan with these lines and points, you will probably see measurements. These tell you how far apart and how high these sections of the boat have to be. This will tell you what you need to measure. There are some tricky things about boat plans though. While the measurements and learning all the lines and points can be tricky, so understands the boat jargon that they use. Let’s help you understand this short handed notation that they use. For instance, LWL is known as the length at the waterline. What this means is that this area is the measurement as to…

Starting Out on Boat Design
Blog / 09/04/2012

Starting Out on Boat Design   If you are new to boat designs you might be wondering where you should begin. When you look at them, they might seem quite complicated. So how do you even begin one? That’s where we come in. We can help you learn about starting out a boat design. The first part of designing a boat is to know which type of boat you would like to design. You have to have some sort of picture in your mind. If you aren’t totally sure, just get pictures from online to begin to choose from. Next you can find if your boat design has what we call a study plan. A study plan will give you everything you need form the plan lay out to the pattern. After that you might want to get the materials you will need to draw the design. To draw a boat design you will need a ruler. There are other things you will need. Two of those things that you will need are a pencil and an eraser. This will make it easier to do. You will also need something that can help you make circles and curves. With all…

You Can Build a Fishing Boat
Blog / 09/03/2012

You Can Build a Fishing Boat   Some of the best times I remember at the lake were fishing in a boat with family. Those same memories can’t be the same because we don’t’ have a boat. Or can they? Those memories can be yours too as you can build a fishing boat. How do you do this? There is one way to find out. Just keep reading. To determine what type of boat you will need, you need to look at the water you will most likely be in. there are different sort of boats for different sort of waters. Like for instance for the rivers that you might fish in you will need what is called a drift boat. Something like a hunting boat is made for stronger fishing. Knowing what waters you are going into can tell you what boat designs you need to start looking at when looking to create a fishing boat. Once you find out what waters you are into you can get a list of boats that you can build. From there, you can then decide upon which boat you are going for. When you figure this out, then you can go and…