Guitar Speed Lesson – How to Get a Great Tone
Blog / 12/16/2012

Guitar Speed Lesson – How to Get a Great Tone By Tennyson Williams, Author of The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity   Guitar playing can generally be condensed into two categories. Your technique and style, and your tone. In this article we’re going to be talking about tone, and the importance of refining it. I see too many guitar players who have a zillion guitar effect pedals, and I try not to open my mouth, but then they start playing, and its absolutely unbearable. Guys, seriously, don’t compensate with toys. Take the time to improve your playing, because all the goodies in the world won’t make you a better guitar player. Also, using too many pedals and effects can be bombarding to the listener, and it also kills the strength of your overall sound. If you spend most of your time playing through a clean setting on your guitar, don’t think for a moment that you are not affected by this. I’ve witnessed a lot of clean guitar players who are bad for this as well. If you can find the discipline to limit yourself a little bit, then you will see just how awesome a tone you can get….

Use Magnetic Therapy for Normal Blood Pressure
Blog / 12/14/2012

Use Magnetic Therapy for Normal Blood Pressure   A wrong alimentation, an unhealthy lifestyle or different health problems can lead to high or low blood pressure. An abnormal blood pressure can, in its turn, lead to numerous other health problems, which at a certain point may prove to be fatal. This is why, it is highly important to take good care of your blood pressure and make everything possible to keep it between normal limits. One way of keeping your blood pressure under control is to wear magnetic wristbands specially designed to maintain the blood pressure at normal values. Depending on what hand you wear the wristband, the blood pressure will get higher or lower. Thus, if your blood pressure is higher than normal, you should wear the magnetic wristband at the left wrist, while if you suffer from low blood pressure, the same bracelet used on the right hand will make it grow to normal limits. As you can see, it is highly important that you always use the bracelet at one hand. If you change the bracelet from one hand to another you can suffer from side effects which may seriously affect your health. Magnetic water is also…

Treating Cold Sores by Reversing Oxygen Deficiency
Blog / 12/12/2012

Treating Cold Sores by Reversing Oxygen Deficiency   It is estimated that around 90% of the population worldwide suffer from the herpes simplex virus. This virus is common among both adults and children. Children get infected by this virus mostly due to direct contact with adults. Many people in the developed world are affected by this cold sore or fever blister virus more than Asians. Once you get affected by this virus it makes you a host and stays there with you till the end of your life. Temporary cure is available for this virus but there is no permanent cure. It is important to note that this virus is anaerobic which means that it cannot survive in environments where there is oxygen. The cold sore virus lays dormant for its entire life if your immune system is strong. This virus needs an acidic environment and it is anaerobic which means that it doesn’t need air to survive. It survives without air, oxygen acts as a toxic gas for the virus. Adequate exercise coupled with good intake of anti – oxidants makes the virus dormant. This virus may lie dormant for years without any blister formation but in some cases…

With Flight Simulation Anyone Can Learn to Fly!
Blog / 12/05/2012

With Flight Simulation Anyone Can Learn to Fly!   Using flight simulators has created a new world for all would be pilots in their own home. It has reached a stage of such realism that it can be quite awesome! When you have been on holiday and enjoyed the flight getting there and back, have you ever wished you were the pilot? Most people have dreams about being a pilot and flying their own plane. FLIGHT SIMULATION is a risk free way to experience the thrills of flying. This computerized game system is so realistic, it allows anyone to sit at home and experience the feeling of sitting in an aircraft cockpit and flying a plane. So, for those of us who really want to feel they are flying, then using this system is the answer. Imagine taking to the air in a variety of aircraft from light planes, to airliners, to military aircraft, to helicopters and having the choice to fly anywhere in the whole wide world. Imagine sitting in a realistic 3D cockpit that gives you complete control of the aircraft! You can even program yourself to patrol the skies in your state of the art fighter aircraft…

Types of Lies Men Say in Relationships
Blog / 12/04/2012

Types of Lies Men Say in Relationships By Kajay Williams   Lying is a part of everyday life. According to polygraph expert Leonard Saxe, “We couldn’t get through the day without being deceptive”. We might lie for a number of reasons – to protect ourselves, our interests, our image and our resources, and we also might lie to protect the feelings of others in the telling of a white lie. Lying by omission is just the same as lying – although a partial truth may have been told, the intent to deceive someone else is exactly the same. There are a number of common lies that men might say in relationships, and although many of them are harmless, some have the potential to destroy a relationship if they get out of hand. Outlined below are a number of common lies that men tell in relationships and what they mean. Lies to Present Them in the Best Light These lies are common right at the very start of a relationship when a man is trying to impress his partner. He might tell his partner that he is next in line for a promotion at work, or he might inflate his salary…

Guitar Tab Cheat Sheet
Blog / 11/25/2012

Guitar Tab Cheat Sheet By Tennyson Williams, Author of The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity   If you’ve just started playing guitar, then there’s a good chance that you get confused about a lot of things, and probably quite frequently. Many guitar players who decide that its time to embark on the wondrous voyage of music, start their educational activities by learning tab, or guitar tablature. Tablature is a lot easier to read than standard notation, and in many cases its easier to side read at the guidance of tab. If you’ve just started playing, or have been playing for a while, then you already know this to be true. However, the guitar is a very immense instrument in terms of what you can do with it. Because there are so many techniques and accents available to the axe, naturally there are a ton of tab symbols to denote these actions, so I thought that I would tab out as many of these symbols as possible. This article will serve as a sort of tab legend, and if it helps you, then you may just want to print off for future reference. Before I continue, I really need to explain…

Avoid Humid & Cold Places when You Suffer from Angular Cheilitis
Blog / 11/24/2012

Avoid Humid & Cold Places when You Suffer from Angular Cheilitis   Angular Cheilitis is probably one of the worst conditions which can affect your skin as it provokes deep cracks in the skin, provoking sores which may eventually start to bleed. There are cases in which the patient finds it hard to perform its normal activities like eating or speaking. Because this condition develops quite fast and it can become rather severe in a short period of time it is necessary to start a treatment right from the first signs. Yet, in order for the treatment to be highly effective, you have to stay away from the factors which have caused this condition or from those which may further aggravate it. Among those factors which can make this condition worse we should name the bad dietary habits which should be replaced with proper nutrition and also some vitamin supplements; the existence of folds around the mouth, which favors the accumulation of moisture (most often are caused by bad dentition or dentures that do not fit well) and an improper oral hygiene. It is also important to avoid cold places when you suffer from it. This is mainly because the…

Facebook and Social Media – The Next Marketing Opportunity
Blog / 11/23/2012

Facebook and Social Media – The Next Marketing Opportunity By David Blaze, Creator of Facebook Hyper Traffic   Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues. For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares. Traditional Means of Communication Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer. Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer. Enter Social Media and the Internet The revolution stirred by the internet as a medium took place because of the fact that it is highly personalized and provides more content on-demand than any other available medium. Social sites proliferated far and wide in…

Aging and Cholesterol
Blog / 11/21/2012

Aging and Cholesterol   There are many factors that affect your capacity to reduce cholesterol. Not all of them are directly under your control. Age is one of those factors that affect the levels of cholesterol and of which we have no control at all. However, with a healthy diet and regular exercise, even elderly people can reduce cholesterol. Men and women suffer the increase of cholesterol at different biological periods. Women in general experiment a decrease of cholesterol before reaching menopause. There is an exception that occurs in women with a family history of high cholesterol, and can therefore present high levels of it. As the biological age on women increases, so does their cholesterol. Then, at the age of 60, most women have similar levels of cholesterol to those of their male counterparts. Finally, women between 65 and 70 years old have generally lower cholesterol levels that men the same age. The GH growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland, even on adults who are done growing. A short burst of about 20 seconds is released every night, while we sleep. As we get older, the amount of GH decreases, and this has an impact on our…

Dog Separation Anxiety – Do You Know a Dog Who Needs Help
Blog / 11/19/2012

Dog Separation Anxiety – Do You Know a Dog Who Needs Help?   Dogs are social animals and thus there is every chance that they suffer from disorders and syndromes. As social animals, dogs and puppies are highly loyal to their masters and can easily fall prey to dog separation anxiety. Dog separation anxiety refers to one of the situations wherein a dog behaves in an utmost absurd way. Separation anxiety is that situation where a dog barks, whines and cries inappropriately during the absence of their masters. In other words one can describe separation anxiety as one wherein a dog doesn’t want to be separated from his master. It is a dreadful condition because a dog expresses his loneliness in the most destructible manner, like he jumps on visitors, destroys the home interior and what not. It becomes highly important for one to get out of the problem because this anxiety syndrome can even have a bad effect on the mental intelligence of your dog. People worldwide are searching for the ways to cure the syndrome, i.e. separation anxiety cures. It is up to an owner to find an appropriate treatment for their dog. There are many remedies and…